Monday, October 27, 2014

Where we are now... I think it's called 'The Pits'.

Got some more stuff moved out and classified ‘Yard Sale’ today, and aside from calling in Dearest Son’s prescriptions, that’s about all I got done. My Great Northern beans / pork neck bones cooking experiment went well – quite tasty ! - but I’m the only one eating ‘em. I’m now confident about my ability to cook dried beans, especially if we live in a two-bathroom house. Two more lunches and they’re gone with the, well, wind !

Speaking of eating things, I had my first McRib of Fall 2014 tonight. Delicious ! But we’re not gonna be eating out very often, so I don’t think it’ll get as ridiculous as it did the last year we lived here. I think I’d eaten 14 or so by the time they were yanked back off the McMenu back then. You’ve heard of Depression Cooking, well, that was depression eating !

Spoke with MIL today, and asked how their future plans were going – and they don’t really have any. They’re gonna trust in their Deity to provide them guidance and provisions, since Deity has clearly brought them to this point for a reason. MIL was proud to tell me she thinks their potential homelessness is a gift and celestial prod to minister and help others in the same situation. FIL, overhearing us talking, backs her up all the way. I apologized for not being able to get a place big enough for us all, and they said they not only didn’t expect us to, but didn’t want us to. While they may not have immediate plans, they have hopes that really don’t involve us. They do, however, involve Colorado. To belabor a point, she told me, quite proudly, that FIL wasn’t the only one self-medicating with substances not prescribed by doctors. Huh.

Somehow, I don’t think this eases Beloved Hubby’s mind, but there’s not much we can do if they’re resolved. We’ll help when we can, that’s about all we can do for them. I have to admire the strength of their faith, even if I don’t agree with some of her declarations. And we really can’t share living space if they’re gonna continue with their latest hobby. I’m not losing Dearest Son to a DEA raid called down on them.

As for us, we called two new places we like on Craigslist, but rather late in the day, so it’s on them to call us back. Of course, I heard nothing from my VA counsellor – baby what a big surprise…

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