Friday, October 17, 2014

Doll Chat !

Well, not much has changed around here since yesterday – my phone hasn’t chimed, no interesting mail, nobody begging us to live at their complex. Most of what I’ll need to do has to wait ‘til we know where we’re going, so I took today to more or less sleep. I’ve identified tons of things going into the yard sale, but there’s no place to put them, so for now, they gotta stay where they are, and hope I remember them next Friday. FIL has put out a driveway load of stuff, which is odd since both our vehicles are firmly on the driveway. Guess he’s betting on no rain. The cord holding up MIL’s clothes has sagged ‘til they’re on the ground, but there’s no real way to fix it, so I’m leaving all of it alone.

About the most exciting thing was that two dolls had fallen from their shelves, and they ended up looking as though they were having a pretty good conversation about their respective lives at different angles in the living room. Or maybe they were discussing shoes. Who knows ? 

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