Thursday, October 16, 2014

Yawn like you mean it !

As is usual for me, my problem wasn’t sleeping, it was getting to sleep that was the issue. And I’d gone through all the calming techniques, the usual routine, the meditation…  just when I was about to get up and work a Sudoku or something, it was morning. Only woke up once, mostly to roll over. Gosh, I needed that good night’s sleep !

We put the never-used stove on Craigslist, and twice now, a very interested party made plans, then cancelled and remade ‘em. Today, she just completely stood us up. I hope whatever stove she does end up buying burns her cookies. Hmpft.

We’ve filled out a third application for another apartment complex, but not submitted it yet. The Veteran assistance people I spoke with yesterday said they’d know about what they could do for us in a week or so, but to do what we felt we needed to in the interim. We’ll probably turn it in Friday or Monday, and go from there. I have a medical apt. on Monday, too. It’s never boring for long around here !

Saw a cute article about Mattel setting up an Instagram account for Barbie – part of a Fashion Week publicity stunt – and wondering what similar accounts for other dolls would look like. No surprise, my fave is the MH one, although the Barbie one does look good. Sneak a peek here

Tonight, I’m gonna get all the boxed DP&M dolls dressed and ready for the yard sale. The bulk of prepping for that won’t start ‘til next week – we just don’t have the space yet – but I wanna do what I can now, get it out of the way. Plus, shuffling stuff from ‘ours’ to ‘yard sale’ counts as part of moving ! And the idea of getting out of here gives me so much hope and joy…

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