Monday, October 6, 2014

Loyalty or even appreciation ? You'll go blind looking for them around here !

While the rest of me may not be happy – I somehow gained three pounds in the last two days – it’s not much happier on the outside, either. Turns out the ILs have completely (expletive deleted) us over by not making any house payments to the point where they now owe $6K to the mortgage holder, due last Thursday. When asked what they were going to do about it, as we don’t have anywhere near that kind of money to save this crappy house (again), MIL outlined her plans on moving into Aunt S’s garage while they save up for an RV and become snowbirds. You may notice that there are no plans for us in her agenda… I have no idea what FIL thinks, he’s been hiding since MIL dropped her little bomb Saturday morning. I do know they’ve been taking our groceries again, since I went to use something we haven’t eaten in weeks, and it’s gone, with the other stuff arranged so it’s not readily apparent. Everything’s falling apart and they stole our tuna and spaghetti.

Poor Beloved Hubby is nearly beside himself. He had no idea they were this far behind, and wonders if they’re even aware of what this means to all of us. Barely a year ago we dropped everything, broke the lease on a place we liked, and moved in to help them, and now it’s all ashes. So much for ‘we’ll leave you the house’ – there’s nothing to leave since they haven’t been making the payments. And I almost wonder if that was the plan to begin with, but I can’t imagine (expletive deleted) over family with such reckless carelessness. “Move in with us and pay all the bills and in a year, instead of keeping a single one of our promises, we’ll hit the ‘abandon ship’ button but not tell you about it until the water level’s about a foot lower than the prow” sounds  more like what you’d do to a gullible enemy, not the last of your local family. 'Ohana' means nothing to my ILs. 

So, that’s where we are right now. Adrift and confused and waiting for the Sheriff to post a notice on the door. I’m angrier than I have been in some time, but under it is some calm. FIL is simply playing true to form, which is why I didn’t want to move in the first place, and I think he’s finally burned his last bridge with Beloved. It’s mercenary and cold to say it, but this could actually be a good thing. Every time we’ve gone in with them on anything, from a job to cars and finally this house, we’ve walked away with nothing, they got what they wanted and expected more. We quite literally can’t do it again. There’s a reason BIL is 1500 miles away and Uncle T. is over a thousand, and they weren’t shy about saying so, plus it was something we already knew. I was stupid to hope they’d change for us, for their grandson. You’d think my parents would have taught me that people don’t change. They may modify or just plain hide their behavior to get what they want, but as soon as it’s ‘Mission Accomplished’, it’s right back to the Old Ways. Most don’t even bother to do that. Still, I really didn’t think them capable of this.

But we already have plans in motion, and they involve moving back to PreviousTown. I could almost hug the ILs for that. I hate this town. Knowing we’re moving back is like getting the best gift ever, and one you didn’t know you wanted or could even ever have, dropped with a bow on it in your lap. I hope things work out… ‘cause I can’t do a lot of heavy lifting now ! Just imagine the yard sale we’re gonna have…

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  1. Pardon me for saying it, but your IL's just suck. Ugh.

    Have you tried contacting the mortgage holder to ensure that you'll have a place to stay up until you're ready to move?