Thursday, October 23, 2014

Back to the VA... at least I'm not in an ambulance this time !

My appointment went well – they neglected to log me as being there, and the automated kiosks were down, so I got forgot for an hour, but once they remembered me, things went pretty well. I got to see my hernia CAT scan, but didn’t learn a lot I didn’t already know. Surgery for that isn’t as necessary as originally thought, and they would like my health to improve before any attempt is made. I can understand that.

Got to see Salvation Army lasses for the first time – right after I’d seen vintage WWII posters of them ! They were handing out treats and coffee, but it was either bad timing or having to say ‘no’ to doughnuts (because I’d been up at 1am with Beloved, scarfin’ potato chips), so I didn’t get to partake of their generous volunteerism. Those around me who could were most appreciative.

Came back, crashed for three hours, and postponed the yard sale ‘til next Friday. Gonna have a Haunted Yard Sale, yay ! 

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