Saturday, September 20, 2014

I still love Raquelle's smile...

Slowly digging m’self out of yesterday. Still in the same mood – I think it’s hormones, mine seem to be going bungee-cord base jumping lately – but at least my appreciation circuits have kicked back in. It’s a beautiful day, I got to watch Ginger-kitty stalk a gorgeous Blue Jay – I think the bird was playin’ with her – and while the hunt may have been unsuccessful, the chase was amazing. She got a split of tuna with MIL’s cat, who brought in a mouse yesterday. Briefly.

When I get in a mood like yesterday, it sometimes helps to reminisce. In my case, I was still hung up about my sewing equivalent to writer’s block, so I went there. I went back to Barbie. Whole reason I sew, most of the reason I’m into dolls. Barbie. Sure, I’m not ‘into’ Barbie as much as I used to be, there’s too many alternatives that suit me better. Dolls from my early childhood (Timey Tell), dolls that hit my ‘cute’ button (Little Disney Princess), dolls that encourage me to sew modern in larger scale (DP&M), dolls that just ‘get’ me (Monster High, Elphie) in a way that Barbie really never has.

Don’t get me wrong – I loved Barbie as a kid, I still have a faint love for her now.  She was there when no other doll was… until Princess Leia showed up ! J I still have a small collection of sixth-scale dolls, about half of which are Mattel’s. I feel bad for neglecting them, maybe that’s part of the problem. Despite the fact that I have roughly eight million patterns for them, I wanted something new… hey ! Remember that playsuit pattern I altered to fit the Princesses ? There’s a Barbie-sized one by the same author !

Hmm. Very baggy on Raquelle. Guess I shoulda paid more attention to the photo that came with the pattern. Still, it’s not bad, sews up quickly, and will probably fit Leia with room to spare without any alterations. I may do that next.

Right after I finish altering this one for Barbie, that is…

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