Tuesday, September 9, 2014

All it needs now is buttons. Opinions ?

We did it ! Kept the air conditioning off all day. Even though Weather.com sez we got up to 95° today, there were many cooling breezes, so it wasn’t bad at all. Past tomorrow, it’s not forecast to get above the mid-80s all through next week, so, yaaay !

I’m also happy because Beloved Hubby had to iron clothes today, so he finally reinstalled the fold-down ironing board. It was on the back of the Study door, can’t remember why it got removed, but now it’s up on the living room wall, just past my sewing Arena. Easy and perfect for me to use ! And I did, today. Before I put closures on the shirt-dress, I wanted to smooth down the front placket, so I did. I love it ! You may actually soon see more polished-looking doll clothes ! I went with Velcro © this time, but I think I'll use snaps on the next one. 

Speaking of polished… I’d like your opinion. I was thinking of white buttons going down the front of the dress, or maybe semi-transparent. I also have some dark green and black buttons… which do you think would look best ? Full disclosure – the semi-transparent buttons came from wrecked button down shirt collars. What’cha think ?

Oh, and guess what ? I got *another* ‘$10. off any $10. or more purchase’ card from Kohl’s. They must really, really love me ! At this rate, we’re gonna have enough towels for the Titanic ! Too bad they’re so overpriced on toys. 


  1. Great looking dress!!! Personally I like the idea of the dark green buttons with this fabric. Tiana looks wonderful. :-)

  2. Tiana's looking great! I think I agree with DLSarmywife, dark green would really set off T's eyes. Say Dorrie, I think I told you awhile back I nabbed a AG-style pattern or two, including some shoes. Do you want scans of the patterns? I haven't dug into them yet, but I'd be happy to see about it!