Monday, September 29, 2014

Yawny day.

Didn’t get to sew yesterday – there was just too much going on ! And since Beloved Hubby is gone most of the day during the week, and half the weekend, I wanted to enjoy some time all together while I could.

Decided to open my Happy Meal MH bracelet when I realized I could use the too-small bracelet part as a sort of building block for a doll’s hair bun. Kind of like those silly brown donuts that came with my 1978 Kenner Princess Leia doll. Pried off the Skullette and lightning bolt charms by breaking the link between them and the bracelet, and poking the pieces inside the hollow bracelet itself. Now I have unbroken charms to use, and with the edges pushed in, you can’t really tell it’s not intact. I may toss it in with the Halloween candy as a choice later this month, along with some MH tattoo boxes.

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