Sunday, September 7, 2014

A not-very-fine (quite vinagar-y) whine...

Please enjoy some cheese with
my ridiculous whine.
BTW. I'm fairly certain I can't eat this, either.  
Slowly getting used to the still-somewhat-chemical taste of diet sodas. You’d think ditching the near-daily Big Gulp of Dr. Pepper would help me lose weight fairly quickly, and keep my glucose test results low without much effort, but it’s not so. Diet Coke tasted better when I was in college and porking up, but healthy. Back then, you’d no more get me to drink water than you’d get me to gulp Windex, but I drink easily four times as much water as soda every day now.

I’m eating darn near no sugar at all, but my numbers are still up there. Between fruit (natural sugar), carbs (may as well be sugar), and even some vegetables tripping me up, I’m despairing of ever enjoying eating again. That may be a good thing, after all, there’s a reason I’m in this predicament, but still… When I trawl for online help, I’m more or less told to head to the backyard with a fork, because anything processed is gonna be fatal, anything with a pleasant taste is gonna cause extreme guilt and elevated glucose readings, vegetables and fruit are up for extreme scrutiny …I’m about to give up. How am I gonna live, eating like a cannibal cow ?

Yeah, I know, I’m exaggerating and feeling sorry for m’self, but it’s hard to take sometimes. I’ve already given up a lot, but I didn’t mind until I found out I’d have to give up everything. It’s enough to make me wanna scarf a pack of doughnuts. Glazed and filled. With frosting. Or maybe just a stinkin’ pop tart.

Add to that my diet – which I just gained three pounds on ! – and I’m actually too light-headed to sew today. I keep falling asleep. I stitched a little bracelet to go with Belle’s Dollar Tree bracelet belt, it was the best way to use up the one I accidentally picked a thread through. Fray-checked the end, cut to fit, added scrap Velcro © to hold down the strap end. The damaged part is now a bookmark. And I have two cheep plastic ‘rhinestone’ heart buckles to 
play with ! 

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