Monday, September 15, 2014

No cash = no pattern ? No problem !

Decided on a theme for National Sewing Month, because I’ve already been doing it for weeks. Found another pattern I like, for a doll outfit I’d really like to make. Especially with Halloween coming up. Problem is, the pattern is for one very simple garment, and the designer wants over $8. for it. Wow. My limit is about five bucks for a one-trick pattern, especially when it’s of the kitchen-table variety. I don’t think I’d even begin to consider ever asking more than $2. or $3. for mine, even if I could conceptualize selling any of ‘em. And it’s not like I’d make ten or twenty of these outfits, it’d just be the one. Frankly, eight bucks is about what I’d be willing to spend on the finished item, not just the pattern to sew my own. Add to that, even if I did buy the pattern, it’s designed to fit a much bigger doll, I’d have to alter it before I could even start. Heck, if I’m gonna do that much work, I may as well save us the cash and create it m’self.

So, that’s my theme. “Create With What You Have – Learn When You Can”. Not just fabrics and thread, but patterns and procedures. What if I try this with that pattern ? Who knows what’ll happen ? I may already have all I need to create until I cross over ! Sure, trawl patterns online, it’s fun. But use their ideas to craft it m’self, from the pattern up. There’s still two patterns I want, but they’re less than $5., and I can wait to get them when I do PineCone surveys. (grin) That’s also what I (will) have.

This is what Simplicity 8519,
view 1 originally made -
until I came along ! 
Found a Crissy pattern in my digital stash that might work for the pattern I’m not buying – even if it doesn’t, hey, I got to sew. And now that I’ve finished the ugliest dress in the US… can you figure out what I’m trying to make ? While it is an eyesore, I’m kind of proud of me for widening the armholes, creating and successfully adding the collar, widening the dress for the front gathers, figuring out how to sew the thing together, and altering the pattern for the next trial. Beloved Hubby heard my tale of woe, and when the dress was finished, knew exactly what I was going for – I hadn’t told him the details. Just saved us eight bucks, I think ! Wish me luck with Trial #2 !

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