Sunday, September 21, 2014

Here's Emmy !

Today was one of those days when there’s no way you could predict what happened – but you’re pretty glad it did ! Beloved Hubby and I, both seeing a financial wall coming right at us, with little way around it, have been discussing selling our 4Runner, Angel. Since we can no longer expect any help at all with utility bills, and we rather like electricity and water, and luxuries like internet and phone service, there wasn’t much else we could do. Beloved has a weekend job, and a part-time gig at the school, but neither of those, or mine, pay ‘til after month’s end. Even then, with all of it together, it’ll be snug going. So we’ve been as fiscally tight as possible for some time now, to the point where I wasn’t really driving much anyway. Most of what we drove to was eating out or shopping, and no funds means those activities are right out. So selling Angel made sense. I’d just adjust my medical appointments to fit Beloved’s school schedule and drive on.

Of course, FIL didn’t see it that way, and offered to buy Angel from us. With what, I don’t know, since he can’t help out with any of the utility bills he helps run up. And we’ve already gone that ‘I’ll pay you when I can’ route with him and cars, three times. And we got taken three times. There won’t be a fourth. So Angel went up on Craigslist last night, and, surprisingly, she sold today. FIL can stomp all he wants, if anything, he likes electricity more than we do, he certainly leaves on enough lights and appliances to prove it ! Actions have consequences, FIL. Even Dearest Son knows that.

I was OK with the idea of being a one-car family again. Lower insurance, less maintenance, less fuel, less careless spending. But Beloved started getting antsy and was soon back on Craigslist… looking at cars for sale ! Long story short, we now have a lovely green Acura in the driveway, and still have more than enough to make bills, and have a small amount of fun. Yaaay ! ‘Emeraude’ (“Emmy” for short) has quite a few surface dings and damage, but her engine is strong, her transmission is manual and kickin’, she’s quiet yet powerful, and she even has a sunroof ! It’s like she was made for me… Two door, though. FIL’s gonna hate that the first appointment I have to take him and MIL to, fer sure.

Part of our fundage will go to getting her beyond-worn tires replaced – they’re barely hanging on to ugly 18-inch rims I’m sure we can sell on Craigslist ! – and her CV joints fixed, but we figured that and her title fees into the equation while we were still on the test drive. After we got back to Chez Insanity, a quick tire inspection showed we were very lucky to make it all the way there without a blowout… and we’d been on the interstate for part of the trip ! Luckily we won’t have to buy standard 15-inch rims, the seller included both sets, although we’ll have to pay to dump those unfortunate tires.

Best part is, I don’t have to wait for the first of the month, I can do a little fun shopping sometime this week ! Whoo-hoo ! Now if only my funds from PineCone would show up in PayPal already…

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