Friday, September 12, 2014

Even Clarice (Ghoulia) enjoys my ventures to Dollar Tree !

Went on a little shopping spree today, in slightly drizzly, nearly too cold weather. We actually had to close some windows !

Settled the ‘what to spend “my” money on’ dilemma by dumping the funds into house checking and taking Dearest Son to Dollar Tree. Better use of the cash, I think. He had fun with his usual purchases, I snagged a couple fun things, as well as snacks and stuff we needed around the house. DTree has just begun to put out Halloween stuff around here, and they always have such neat things ! I really loved the wine glasses, but glassware around here doesn’t last. I’m missing a Corelleware plate, and I’m fairly certain it was broken and disposed of, but I can’t prove anything. The four wine glasses I bought to replace the two broken ones are down to one now. (sigh)

Anyway. The thrift was kind of a bust- they had another Toddler Rapunzel, but this one was in much worse shape than mine, and didn’t even have shoes. I think they tend to overprice those – I paid $8. for mine in decent but far from ‘like new’ shape, and this poor bedraggled thing has $4. on her butt in what I hope is china marker, and not Sharpie. Most of their dolls are usually a buck or two. Saw a bear in a fluffy dress, but it was too fluffy to alter. Also successfully talked m’self down from buying more cheep kids’ clothes to rework into doll apparel. I have yards of really good fabric that’s much easier to use, don’t need more fabric in any state ! Much less pilled with thick elastic.

From there, it was off to Kohl’s, to use the latest ‘$10. off any $10. purchase’ coupon. I’ve had three in three months ! Wish the trend would continue. Their MH collection was sad and overpriced even on sale – mostly ‘Picture Day’ and ‘Frights, Camera, Action’ with a few ’13 Wishes’ and ‘Creepateria’ mixed in. At 30% off, the Creepateria dolls were $16., almost laughable. Dearest didn’t find anything at all he wanted in either clothes or toys, so it was up to me. If that gorgeous Elsa ornament had been on sale ($17.), it would have been a short trip. And yes, they did have Christmas trees up, twinkling and decorated, with a small Hallmark section. Loved the skates ! But it wasn’t, so the coupon was almost a long-sleeved tee for me, or a candle, or a small bag of Godiva chocolates for everybody, or some autumn-themed dishtowels, then a lovely emerald-green glass pendant with matching earrings.

I was carrying the jewelry to the register when I saw pillows on sale, $4.99. Something my guys desperately need. So I put the pendant back, let Dearest select his own, snagged one for Beloved Hubby, then realized something. The coupon is for $10. off a $10. or more purchase. $4.99 x 2 < $10. Well, this is where a real bargain hunter shows her mettle. I’d seen some plaque-type signs on deep discount over by the candles, and dug through them. Found a bunch that read ‘Keep Calm and Graduate’ – so cute for Beloved. And affordable, at 99¢ ! Got the whole caboodle for $1.05, and according to them, saved $33. Even got rid of some pennies. Yeah, I’m good.

Beloved was most appreciative of his new pillow, and thought that was the only thing I got for my coupon. Pshh. So he was impressed that I’d snagged two, and loved the plaque. It’s already hanging up, right above his desk. He liked the corn chips I got from DTree, too, but thought the tombstone was a bit crass. Well, yeah, that’s what makes it funny !

I even got to sew ! Attached a less-fluffy skirt to the shortened-by-an-inch bodice that Merri’s modeling this week, then saw that it’s really too loose. So I angled in the side seams a bit and altered the pattern yet again. Once it’s done to my liking, I could probably sell it, I’ve definitely changed more than 35% of it !

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