Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Timey Crew, just 'cause.

You’re not gonna believe what I just got in the mail. Another ‘$10. off $10.Purchase’ coupon from Kohl’s ! Haven’t they stumbled onto the idea that I’m cheap even when we’re not broke and only buy severe markdown or sale stuff with this – and very little else ? I almost feel bad about using it… but I will ! Wonder if that green glass necklace set is still there…

Beloved Hubby called during a break between classes. He’d seen a yard sale set up on his way to PreviousCity, just down the street, if I was interested. Was I interested ? Oh, heck, yeah ! Spent five bucks, got a ton of goodies. There was a die cast 1/64 scale convertible VW Beetle for Dearest Son, a fast-food type tray, large zipper bank bag, CurrentCity history DVD, a pedometer, 2 brand-new pairs of knit gloves, one pair used, non-matching new knit hat, fake Isotoner gloves, a cotton scarf in jewel tones, 4 pocket tape measures (two metal, two dressmaker’s), a pair of Wieder soft ankle / wrist weights, and a grommet / eyelet clamp, smaller than the one I have. Not bad, considering the weights alone – even used ! - are twice what I paid for everything. Dearest loved his ‘new’ car, and liked that one set of gloves had a GMC logo on them, but neither he nor Beloved Hubby will appreciate the gloves or the hat ‘til winter. We lose and destroy those things like crazy, so I buy ‘em up cheap when I can. I have about eight pair of gloves waiting now. Maybe four hats.

She had some gorgeous Autumn leaves dinnerware, a bit pricey, but just beautiful to look at. So I filled my eyes, and didn’t buy them. She also had something I hadn’t seen in years, a double storage rack for 45rpm records ! I had a smaller version as a teenager, left behind from previous home owners, so the seller and I shared a few moments of reminiscing pleasure. I wondered aloud how the next generation would use such a thing, and we both concluded ‘mail sorter’. Not enough support to sort scrapbook papers.

After scooping up all my goodies, I continued on my walk. Found a Cozy Coupe car at the curb further down the street, so on the way back, I knocked on two neighbors’ doors who might could use such a thing. Nobody answered. Oh, well. I’m sure someone leaving the yard sale will snag it before Tuesday pickup.

Some excitement today, too – a murder and cop-assisted attempted suicide occurred at a food processing plant about half a mile further down the street this afternoon. FIL used to work there ! We had helicopters circling for hours. I quite possibly spoiled their shots by waving at them.


  1. Oh geez, I heard about that event at the food processing plant! Horrible, horrible stuff!

    I wish that the local yard sales had nice dishes and stuff. All anyone ever seems to have around here is baby clothes!

    1. Oh, gosh, sing to me about baby clothes, sista ! About the only yard sale I've seen without them was the one I went to that day. Friday's was wall-to-wall (driveway to roadway ?) outgrown baby stuff.

      But it's the thrill of finding something good anyway that keeps us going ! Still, one more bottle-drying rack or monitor 'system' and I'm gonna stomp on their lawn like I expect a castle to rise out of it...