Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My satiny pill-holder ! Half-price, too.

Ugh. Kind of a boring Tuesday, especially after getting to do a little shopping yesterday ! At least I’m not in danger of being spoiled ! Well, not more spoiled than I already am !

Made a decision when I more-or-less stopped buying MH dolls that, from then on, one new / new to me doll in = one doll out. In this case, trading Neighthan for Skull Shores Ghoulia is an easy swap. I had nine Ghoulias, and never really bonded with SS Ghoulia. It’s mostly the somehow mean expression and acid green makeup. Neither of them ever grew on me like I’d hoped. Simple as it is, I liked her hair, but if she were any other doll but Ghoulia, I’d have never bought her in the first place. It’s almost good they didn’t have Invisi Billly, because I don’t know who’d go to make space for him !

I did get to see most of the newer MH dolls yesterday. And I was still underwhelmed. ‘Freaky Fusion’ should have been an easy slam-dunk. There’s plenty of characters to ‘twist’ together, and the results could have been much more intriguing. Why is the pairing always same gender ? I know, I know, nervous parents. Beyond that, why is there two ‘twists’ of Draculaura ?  ‘DracuBecca’ (DLaura and Robecca) is a lovely doll – so why does ‘Ghoulaura’ (Ghoulia and DB again) exist ? There’s lots of other schoolmates she could have literally bonded with. I thought about bringing her home, but in the end, the unremitting blue makeup left me just as cold as SS’s green, and the red and blue clashing together on her overskirted dress gave me a mild headache, although I love the style of it. But then again, I don’t know why every movie has to revolve around Frankie without fail, either.

Saw the new Target-exclusive ‘Sweet Screams’ dolls, too – well, sort of. Between the packaging and the costuming, I really couldn’t see the dolls at all. Pass. I liked most of the ‘hybrids’ dolls, but again, no space and little fundage meant they stayed there. Still, it was nice to look around and see them all. There was signage advertising the Catacombs playset coming soon – there’s another I won’t be getting. I hardly play with the School (and Barbie structures) I have ! Maybe it’s just me, but the Catacombs set looks even more fragile and even gimmicky, almost like a Disney Princess castle. If I could have just the Library, though…

I did get a notice that Flickr was gonna bill soon. Um, nope. I don’t use it anymore, so I’m gonna let it lapse. I’m not gonna remove anything, though,  but I can use my blog images and the free aspect, so I’m good. Made sure to cancel – that $24.95 can be spent better elsewhere ! Like Chinese food and a donation to Wikipedia…

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