Friday, September 19, 2014

Perhaps it's just a pre-Fall funk ?

I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. Nothing gives me any joy, even spider webs that catch the morning sun and break it into rainbow iridescence in the bathroom window, or getting low glucose readings, or even the moon’s radiance in a gorgeous starry night. I can’t make m’self sew tonight, couldn’t yesterday, although I really enjoyed Wednesday’s project, the faux-beanbag chairs. Those were so great ! I didn’t have to be so precise in cutting them out, they came out great no matter how slapdash I was in cutting or sewing, or both ! The last one I made has the worst cutting and some seriously noticeable ‘wandering attention’ sewing, but it’s all inside and it looks the best of the lot. Fun project. The girls look great seated on them, and it pulls their legs in a bit so no one catches ‘em in passing the bookcase. Gotta be careful for the seniors walking to and fro.

Yeah, I could have made more for other size dolls, but it simply didn’t hold much appeal. I’m not depressed or unhappy – I’m worried about bills and this crappy house, but I nearly always am concerned about such – so that can’t be it. I’m driving m’self crazy and not only is it a short trip, I don’t know why I’m going ! 

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