Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mirror, mirror... notepad ? Sure, if it's got a 'Frozen' theme to it !

About all I motivated m’self into doing today was sleeping in an extra hour. That was mostly due to being wakened by one thing or another nearly every hour all night long. Dogs barking, trains screeching, air conditioners rattling, neighbors talking off the evening’s booze out front at 2am. I even went to bed early, because I was so tired from nearly the same thing happening Thursday night, and all that accomplished was getting awakened twice more. No wonder I’m so lethargic. Only other thing I got done was scanning all my newly-altered patterns for future reference and twisting. There’s at least three half-done projects there, not even mentioning that pattern I wanted so much – and now have – just sitting around. Ready to go, not going anywhere. Not unlike me.

Started to feel penned in again, so I went online window-shopping. Hey, it’s better than eating, my usual response. Saw a buncha stuff I liked, that was all too easy to talk m’self out of buying. I actually have a few bucks, but nothing I’m eager to waste. Supposed to go to Kohl’s tomorrow morning, for a little solo time, but I already know that’s not gonna happen. Beloved Hubby’s gonna be up all night working on a paper, so he’ll sleep all day – and the only way I’ll get to go anywhere is if I take Dearest Son with me. Kinda defeats the ‘solo time’ thing, even though Dearest’s no trouble… I just want some ‘me’ time, y’know ?

Finally opened the Dollar Spot Frozen mirror / notepad. It’s actually quite cute, very flimsy, but as I thought, darn near perfectly doll-scale. The pages inside are lavender, with the Frozen logo at the top, bordered by snowflakes down the right side to the bottom. Unlined. Still, it’s quite a clever, unexpected licensed item for just a buck. Belle needed a clear elastic to keep it in her hand – as expected, it’s top-heavy – but she looks so good with it ! 

Plus, I like the idea of one Diz princess being a fan of another DP movie - or that film's princess ! 

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