Tuesday, September 2, 2014

More shinies !!

Well, our little laze-cation is over, back to the usual. Beloved Hubby was back to school, classes resumed for Dearest Son, and I discovered where the sink was leaking. At least I had a good excuse for not doing the dishes !

Here’s the ‘princess party pack’ of bracelets I got on our last run to Dollar Tree. Scored five ‘hearts’, three ‘crowns’ – and didn’t notice until I got them home that the heart buckled ones have a heart pattern in purple, with pink edges on the straps, the crowns have yellow stars and purple edges. I thought they were all identical, save for the buckles, when I bought ‘em. Despite how they look, the straps are like full-size belt webbing, not elastic at all. But you get eight of ‘em, with fancy buckles and plain black ones, plus the straps to use any way you like. From black buckle to end, they’re about eight inches long.

Which makes them perfect for DP&M belts ! Well, I’d like them a little longer, but they’re fine this way. Can put the black buckle in front, or spin it to the back and let a crown or heart shine. I’ll make at least one into a headband.

While Dearest Son napped, I fought the urge to crash and instead sewed up another playsuit, this one with my modifications. Can’t really tell if the changes are good or not, since this is a knit fabric, and my alterations were assuming a woven. When the material can stretch, my changes don’t really matter, or even really show up ! It’s from that same t-shirt I made the other separates from. Trying to use it up, as my ‘working fabric’ dump, a thrifted Disney Princess Easter bucket, conveniently located right beside my cutting mat, is overflowing with half-used cuts. I am now officially out of purple thread, so I’ll have to shift the shirt to the side until I can find a thread retailer. It’s soooo tempting to hit Hobby Lobby, but I stand resolved. Darn it. Wonder if lavender would look ok with that purple material…

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  1. I think this playsuit looks nice, the "belt" is a great touch, too!