Thursday, September 18, 2014

I had a thought... aaand now it's gone.

I may not be the best brain in the house, but occasionally I somehow scrape a good idea together ! Our Wii has about had it – it works great as an interface for Netflix and now Amazon Prime (also free as a Wii download, lotsa free movies to watch if you’re a Prime member), but doesn’t track the game discs very well anymore. It probably just needs a good cleaning. Ya gotta admit, for a device we bought nearly a decade ago, it’s served us very well ! I kind of miss Wii Fit, but it’s not like I can use it in the living room anyway – between M&FIL walking through and wanting to chat, and my questionable tastes towards light workout wear, it’s a sitcom disaster waiting for the first commercial break.

So I got to thinking (everybody RUN !!), what about Prime on the computers, or the tablet ? Lots of videos, maybe there’s some yoga or light exercise ones to guide me. I could run one on my computer in the Study, with a fully closeable door, wear whatever I wanted (or not), and get a little extra exercise while Dearest Son’s in class, or napping, or even late at night, whenever I want to. Amazon has so many free-for-Prime Yoga videos so that I could easily watch one a day for a month and not repeat any… and probably twice that ! And whaddya know, Jane Fonda’s in on this one, too.

I think I justified renewing Prime later this year… it’s cheaper than a gym, and even cheaper than the local church-run Zumba classes that only meet once a week.

Did another survey – that means that cheongsam pattern I’ve been wanting will be mine. In about a week. It’ll take that long for PineCone to credit my account, send the money to PayPal, and have PayPal deposit it. Ah, well. Maybe I’ll appreciate and use it more ‘cause it didn’t come easy.

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