Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What are those things ? Sea spuds ? But there's no DP&M Ariel doll in Chez Insanity...

Sea Melons ? 
Was kind of in a funk as we headed into the evening. Wanted to sew, didn’t really wanna make another dress. I remembered a website I’d passed on Pinterest that was said to feature a bunch of projects for AG-size dolls. Decided to check American Girl for inspiration – and I’m so glad I did ! Under ‘Sewing & Small Props’ (you know I’d go there first !), under Props, I found a great looking beanbag chair pattern. Read over the directions, thought this would be a great way to use up some of that heavy-weight fabric I got from the thrift a few weeks ago. Realizing that, if the first one looked good, I’d want three more the same size and shape, I opted to make a pattern from the get-go. While the directions call for a 17 to 18 inch oval, I went with a fifteen inch one. That’s how long my paper was. Sketched out a half oval about 3 1/4” wide at the center and cut out four fifteen by six and a half inch ovals. I wanted mine to be kinda square, too.

It sewed up easily, and used up over half of my two years of saved scraps as stuffing. So I’d have enough for at least two tonight, I spaced out the first one with a few Mal-Wart style plastic sacks. Looked good, and Aurora looked good on it, so I started the second one. Third and fourth happened after supper, and by then, I was completely out of saved scraps. What to do ? Well, I’d decided to donate some of the thrift fabric… and there’d still be plenty of it after I used a bit for stuffing. Cut several quick strips, found some more grocery sacks, and in less than two hours total, had seating for all my DP&M girls. And used up some fabric I really wasn’t sure about keeping.

Tomorrow I’ll rearrange my doll shelves, get ‘em cleaned up at the same time. I wonder if the Little Disney Princesses and Prince Beloved Hubby would like some seating arrangements, too…?

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