Friday, September 5, 2014

It's waaaay past midnight, but Cindy's finally home !

"I doubt she'd have wanted my dress so much, "
Cinderella opined, "if it didn't have these stars on it."
Good news ! Cinderella was waiting for me on PreviousTown’s office mail-table, so while I still don’t know why she was sent there and reported elsewhere, it really doesn’t matter. I’ve double-verified all my old addresses have been deleted from Target’s website, although it’ll be some time before I order anything else. Not because I’m ticked – it’s that I’m broke again, as usual !

Like Merri, Cindy didn’t come with the royal invitation and certificate – it doesn’t even include that in her printed box inventory. But Target’s website still lists it. Oh, well. Guess I’ll give up on my Disney Princess daydreams and resign m’self to my current measly Universal Empress title. Another pretty doll – why couldn’t Elsa have been this pretty ? – but I still don’t intend to keep her. I really don’t have the room !

Yesterday’s entry was long enough, so I didn’t mention this – and now, here it is. As I mentioned, I put a zipper in the back of yesterday’s dress, available as a 20c pattern from SashaSecrets on Etsy. Finished it up today. I’m coming to the slow conclusion that I really prefer putting in closures first, whenever I can. That way, the garment is done with the last seam or hem. You don’t know how many clothes I’ve photographed with pins closing the back, or how many dolls get shelved still pinned in ! The way I put in zippers pretty much requires that I install them first, and to get Velcro © to lie flat and even, without that pucker at the bottom, sewing it long before the side (much less back) seams definitely works best. For me, at least. So I think I’ll do it that way from now on. You probably have your own way worked out, but just in case, consider doing it backwards. Might be preferable than always going by the accepted rules.

Believe it or not, I still flutter around MH. While I really haven’t been doll shopping that line since ‘Frights, Camera, Action’, I do peek around online once in a while – I tend to avoid stores when I’m low on fun funds. There’s a fan vote going on at the website for the next doll. Who do the fans prefer : Quill Talyntino (harpy), Gory Fangtell (vampire), or Finnegan Wake  (merman) ? When I initially voted, Finnegan was ahead with 72% of the vote, but today, it’s all 30s for everyone. You may wanna go weigh in, just in case. You probably know who I voted for… wonder if he’ll come with the wheelchair ? Heck, I can’t imagine too many fans not wanting a wheelchair, no matter what doll comes in it ! And to tell the truth, ole Finn’s first video appearance made him seem like kind of a tool…

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