Thursday, September 11, 2014

Back to the tweaking board...

Drove m’self into the big city – diabetes clinic at the VA while Beloved Hubby had his own classes. Luckily, MIL was teaching Dearest Son while I was gone. I learned nearly everyone is frustrated about how diabetes pretty much wrecks your relationship with food, and that it’s very hard to trace what you ate to that spike in your glucose reading. Since most of diabetes medicine is all about keeping those numbers down, it’s really a pain. I think about food a lot more than I did when I just ate everything that came close enough.

But then I got home and learned that my A1C – blood test – showed my numbers had dropped from 9-something at my July test to 7.3 today. That’s a big improvement ! A result of 6 means you’re not diabetic. I wonder what caused it to jump up so high, and why it’s coming down now, and haven’t a clue. Sure, I’ve changed a lot of my diet (and I’m still whining about it !), and I try to be more active now, but that’s not much. And if anything, I’m more stressed now than then. Maybe it’s the insulin. Eventually, I just relaxed and went with it. And got m’self a can of Hormel tamales as a treat for late lunch. I haven’t had those since my birthday, when I got the big can and ate every bit ! And my tummy was mildly upset until suppertime. Glad I don’t get that effect from the smaller can.

Sewed this evening, to a couple episodes of Law & Order with Beloved Hubby. He likes having it on because it doesn’t require all of his concentration, and he can study off and on. Same with stitching up something new or familiar, for me. Decided to try those new alterations to the shirt-dress bodice, which is sort of new and old at the same time. Came out OK, the shoulders are right where I want them, but the armholes are still too big. Already tweaked the pattern. Not sure if I’m gonna cut off an inch from the bottom and make a blouse, or just add a rectangle of gathered fabric for a skirt. I kind of like making the dresses, but I’m not sure that I need a dozen of them. Universe knows I got the fabric for hundreds !

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