Sunday, September 28, 2014

Playin' catch-up...

I feel so much better today ! I’d say it’s the bright, sunny skies, but they’ve been around all week – so much so, I’m starting to look forward to rain. I’d say it was the fun of taking Dearest Son out for breakfast, but mine ranked, so that was a bit of a bummer. No, I found a good site for free yoga videos (gentle yoga with a little guided meditation) and the one I did today was superlative. I had a great time, worked up a little sweat, and felt energized afterward. The host was awesome, and I’m glad to see he has lots more videos on the site. Splashed my face with cool water afterwards and really felt like the universe smiled on me today.

I even got a bit of a thought exercise out of it – pretty packed for a video less than a half-hour long ! – that’s been circling my mind ever since. It’s probably old and busted to everyone else, but it was fresh and wonderful to me. He said, ‘The heart smiles through the hands’, and I agree. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been so drag-butt this week. I just wasn’t much in a smiling mode, even though really nothing’s wrong.  In many ways, things are better than they have been, but I’ve still been so gloomy. I think I’m coming out of it, maybe it’s the yoga, but I feel a lot better now, and I wanna go sew !

But first… while I didn’t get to Kohl’s, I did get to go on a grocery shopping trip to Aldi’s with Beloved Hubby. I even found kettle chips on sale for 99¢, and a bags of pretzel chips (I so love those !) that’d be $2.49 at Sevvy (7-11) on clearance for 85¢ ! I can also tell you that Pumpkin Seed Tortilla Chips, while expensive ($2. for a 9oz bag) and not nearly as healthy as you might think, are delicious ! Right now, I’m basking in that nice warm full feeling from McLunch and a stocked pantry. What a great day !

Speaking of McD’s… they’ve a Monster High Happy Meal goin’ on. The toy everyone seems to want (m’self included) is the Ghoulia glasses, but that wasn’t offered today. I wonder if they’re gonna be as small as the bracelet (it was that or the Skullette fortune teller, and I already got the licensed one of those !), but I won’t know ‘til somebody gets a pair. I’m not yet sure if I’ll save the too-small bracelet and trade it in on another MH kids’ meal toy, or open it and saw off the skullette and lightning bolt charms as necklace pendants for my larger dolls and toss the remaining bracelet in with the Halloween candy … talk about yer First World Problems !

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