Friday, September 26, 2014

And it doubles as a leg cast !

Kept my promise to Dearest Son, even though ‘Emmy’ still needs new tires and is still up on a jack in the driveway. Just got up extra-early, grabbed a shower, did my usual morning med stuff, and we were there about a half-hour after Dollar Tree opened. Nothing stellar to report this week – most of our Halloween stuff’s already starting to look picked over, and there was a whole wall of Christmas ornaments up. Mostly we just bought some special treats for lunch for everybody, a few things we needed around the house, and a couple snacks. I decided to add a shiny-fabric cheaply made kids’ dress-up skirt to the pile, mostly for the fabric. Very pretty, and it’s already cheap-serged ! I’ll even salvage some elastic from it.

I had to have the Ranger-truck back to Beloved Hubby before 10am – while he doesn’t have classes today, he did have training for his on-campus part-time job. But since DTree wasn’t that compelling, it gave us time to hit a yard sale. Like DTree, it wasn’t much, but it was a nice morning to be out and about. I got a kids’ black sundress, again for the fabric, for a buck, and was happy.

For the rest of the day, I was kinda restless. Not sure why. If the tire situation isn’t solved by Sunday – and it probably won’t be – I’ll borrow the truck again to make use of my latest Kohl’s coupon, and maybe a quick run to the thrift. But I still felt really penned in today.

So I gave me a challenging task, as a distraction. Pinterest showed me a simple pattern and links to a tutorial to make Blythe size (kind of like a Skipper doll, with a really big head) Ugg-style boots. I’ve long thought that, once you have the shape, size is just a matter of scale, and I’ve had good luck with that theory. While I’m not a huge fan of those boots, it’d be nice for the DP&M girls to have something besides other-doll sneakers and clumsy ballerina flats to wear, so I decided to test the theory with this pattern. Cropped and expanded the original pattern until it looked about right, then grabbed a Princess and took some measurements. Amended the expanded pattern and knocked one together tonight. It’s not the best, and it’s lopsided, but it fits, and slides easily on and off. Next time, I’ll rubber-band the uppers to the doll’s leg, so that it won’t slide off center while I’m gluing the insole. The back seam is nearly a side seam, I didn’t catch it ‘cause I was too busy playing with glue, making sure it didn’t get on the doll. Otherwise, I’ll follow those directions given, they worked pretty well.

It was actually rather fun, didn’t take that long, and it mostly worked, so I made some minor adjustments to the pattern and hope to try it again later tonight. May have some use for those scraps of 6mm-thick craft foam I got cluttering up my drawers…

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