Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pluto rising !

Coffee weather ! I’d snagged some International Foods creamer at Dollar Tree yesterday – same price as their generic stuff, for the same amount, so I splurged. DTree even has ‘pods’ for those single-serve Keurig machines. I’d love one of those coffee makers, but they’re so expensive. A tire place we went to years ago had one, and I don’t think I’ve ever stopped being impressed by it. But let’s face it, one box of those pods retail is three times what I paid for my coffee maker, so it’s very unlikely ! Plus, I like my cute little pot. Small as it is, it uses regular size filters, which I wasn’t sure of ‘til today. So I love it more.

I’m a little annoyed because the small bag of coffee I also bought at DTree a few weeks ago was already opened, and I hadn’t touched it. Neither had Beloved Hubby. Grrrr….

In other Chez Insanity news… years ago, I gave Beloved my Irwin Sailor Pluto, he always liked her. We found her, dusty and alone, in a box with other home office type plunder. I can tell you, there is zero room on his desk for her – there’s barely room for his laptop and calculators, with books and papers stacked hip-high over there. I don’t venture to his side of the Study unless I flat have to. So I asked if I could put her with the other sixth-scale dolls – I think Beloved was relieved. So, yaay ! I got my Sailor Pluto back ! I still have her original costume and garnet orb, even her (darn near useless) stand. I may have to make her some other clothes… At least her shoes are not a problem – I still have her boots, plus she can wear most MH footwear, provided there’s few tight straps. Her ankles are a bit bigger than the ghouls’.

Having some fun with the VA. My primary care assistant heard my whining about glucose numbers and said she may be able to request a referral to an advisor – not strictly a nutritionist, but someone who may be able to discern what’s going on with my glucose numbers. Just in case, it’d be great if I could keep a food journal… something I had been doing, but got rebellious and quit updating about three weeks ago. Well, no time like the present ! I’ve restarted it, and it’s a pain to keep up with (and confess that I ate half a bag of potato chips for dinner, even though I used to eat the whole bag !), but it’ll help.

I also got 120 vials of my breathing treatments. I’d requested more about two months ago, when I started to get low supplies. When I didn’t get them, I asked if I needed to keep up the 4-times-a-day regimen, and was told I could scale it back to as-needed. And I still have the original shipment. Now I have about 12 vials…plus 120. Ironically, I’m a little tight-chested today.

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