Thursday, September 4, 2014

Aurora's 20¢ A-Line !

Aurora for All Time
Today, my Cinderella DP&M doll was due to arrive from I should have been impressed that it didn’t take longer, although I ordered it before 9am last Friday. But, alas, she wasn’t here at all today. I had no idea where she was. 

For some reason, Target decided to use my old address, despite the fact that 1) I verified my current one, twice, and 2) deleted the two old ones they still had on file for me the day I ordered. So I had no idea what was going on – or that it was going wrong – until the USPS told me she’d be delivered to PreviousTown that day.

Well, carp. A call to their 1800 number got me a heavily accented woman who advised me to call USPS’s ‘My Choice’ number, to get the package rerouted. Spent a good 15 minutes looking and searching before I discovered that ‘My Choice’ was UPS, not USPS. And as far as UPS was concerned, they’d passed the buck with the box to the USPS and had nothing to do and no further responsibility for it.  

(sigh) USPS seemed to have a similar service known as a personal account, so I registered for that, gave them the tracking number and current address, and hoped for the best. Got a verification and everything. Around 8pm, I got word that the package had been delivered… to a zip code in PreviousTown we haven’t lived in for years. I have no idea where Cindy is, and I’m kind of tired of worrying about it.

Since we have to be in PreviousTown tomorrow morning anyway, we’ll check by the office at the apartments, see if it’s there. If not, about all I can do is hope that whoever got her is kind and honest, and returns her to Target. Otherwise, I’m just out $26.

It’s just not been my day. FIL has decided it’s OK for him to walk around in a towel before his shower, and chit-chat while the water warms up. My estranged mother, probably under stress from my father’s current illness, has been sending me semi-poison pen messages for the last few months, but today’s little note was far and away the worst e-mail I ever got. And she wonders why I don’t rush back into the family fold. Stress or not, that last four-sentence hate-mail was unforgivable. I will dedicate the rest of my screwed up life to making sure Dearest Son never feels the way I did.

But it wasn’t a completely bad day. Few days really are. I sewed the Girl for All Time pattern I paid 20¢ for, and it looks really great on the DP&M girls. She used bias tape on the neckline and armholes, I just hemmed them, so the neckline is a bit wider and lower than planned, but I can easily fix that, and it still looks good ‘wrong’. It’s a very simple silhouette, also ripe for alterations, changes, additions, and subtractions. Funds well spent ! It even looks good with that oversized print, as you can see. While the pattern called for Velcro © or snaps, I put in a zipper ! Gosh knows, I got plenty of ‘em. 

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