Sunday, September 14, 2014

Half tempted to make Merri a red cloak...

Merri was still wearing the ‘Hospital Gown’ while I fitted Version 2 of the shirt-dress, and when my eyes got tired and I decided to take a break. My dolls are terribly modest, you see, they don’t like hanging around naked while I fuss with Dress du Jour. On a whim, I just pushed the dress on over the shirt when I came back to the Arena. I liked how it looked, so this one is now a jumper ! Need to make a new white blouse, the gown pattern has over-large underarm-wide sleeves that don’t fit the jumper’s armholes well. I’ll use the white buttons, and probably a white ribbon belt at the slightly dropped waist seam.

I had to smile when I got some ad / recipe e-mail this week, that proclaimed ‘Dinner is back !’. Dinner never went away, at least not at Chez Insanity, it’s just been too hot to cook. Besides, ham sandwiches and microwave pot pies and lasagna never hurt anyone. Now that it’s cooler – and we’re broke-er – I’ve headed back to the kitchen these past few days, and actually used appliances that heat up. Biscuits for breakfast, pasta salad for lunch, fish for dinner … and a hour of dishes this afternoon. Whew. That should count as exercise !

I wonder if plotting and planning and digging through patterns counts as sewing… since I don’t think I’m going near my machine tonight. Ah, well. Never force anything that should be a pleasure and a refuge – and I just don’t feel like sewing tonight. I’m actually restless with wanting to sleep ! 

BTW, I don’t know why I love that silly solar sunflower so much. I remember the big sound-activated ‘Dancing Flowers’ from the late 80s that would twist around almost violently, but this one is infinitely cuter ! Anyway, it’ll probably be in a few more photos – if you suddenly want one, check out your Dollar Tree. I had a selection of four pot colors ! 

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  1. Okay that is a simply gorgeous dress! Merida looks like Little Red Riding Hood! She just needs a basket and a little capelet.