Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dorrie sewed some bad, bad things...

I think Fall is here. Cats are chasing crickets and grasshoppers through the weedy lawn, and I hear cicadas in the trees when I go for a walk. Sure signs.

Plus, I suddenly want black shoes for my dolls. That’s even more of a sign than caterpillars. I’m watching a pair of Journey Girls shoes on eBay, but $8. is so much better spent elsewhere, especially when I really can sew my own. So I added that eighth of an inch to the outsides of the Beach Baby Dolls pattern and pulled out the black polyester I got from my last thrift haul. Let’s do it !

But first…Beloved Hubby was with me in the living room, trying to get comfy under a too-small blanket. Most of our bedding’s awaiting a trip to the Laundromat. I remembered the one-sided fleece that also came in the thrift bag. It was nothing I could really use. The pink and purple stripes were too big for doll clothes, kind of clashing, and even though it was only fleecy on one side, it was still too thick to use, even for doll coats. I don’t make many doll coats, mine don’t go anywhere ! I’d been toying with the idea of making bed jackets for M&FIL out of it, but I don’t think they’d much like the colors either. Maybe it’d make a good blanket ? There was at least two yards here…

Beloved loves his new blanket, and won’t even let me curve and cheap-serge the edges. He even cuddled under it at bedtime. Awwww !

I had shoes to finish. And I did, but… I still need to work on making sure my stuff’s parallel. I confess, I really couldn’t see the black pattern lines on the black fabric, and rather than do the intelligent thing and mark the inner curve with chalk and cut it precisely with scissors, I just ran my rotary cutter over where I thought the curve was, and, well, the proof is in the pudding. The color is about the only thing on those shoes that match. ARRgh. On the plus side, I probably only need to remake one shoe to get a match, but I’m still ticked at m’self for being cheap with my time. It would only have taken a few seconds to do it right the first time.

Well, it’s only a true, complete waste if I don’t learn from it, right ?

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