Monday, September 22, 2014

A unicorn followed me home from Target. Gonna keep him !

NeighthanRotBox, left

I had fun today ! Guess what I bought ? While Beloved Hubby worked hard on the CV joints and wheel hubs, he gave me the keys to Jeannie, his Ranger truck, to take Dearest Son on a little spree. The original plan was to hit Target then Dollar Tree, but I ended up with a severe case of stomach cramps and sweating, with nausea tossed in for fun, so we cut it short after Target. Besides, it’s better to space out the fun !

I’d fully intended to divest Tar-zhay of a Neighthan Rot and an Invisi Billy from their toy inventory - like their website said they had for the last month or so – but alas, no Billy. When I asked for the elusive ‘more in the back’, the associate told me I was free to sort through the hundred or so dolls on the shelves and pins, plus the double dozen on the endcap. Thanks for the help. So I did, twice, and somehow didn’t take my usual ‘keep this release all together in one place’ care on the second exploration. They were mixed up long before I got there. I know I'm about done with collecting MH, but I still keep my ears open, and I do love the guys. Besides, I have such photo ideas for this guy... once I get him out of those ridiculous pants ! Oh, wait... that didn't sound right. I hate his entire outfit, but the shirt gets a pass, and I will make him some less ludicrous pants tomorrow. Slim Goodbody was never a favorite of mine - always made me shudder, honestly. 

Is it just me, or are MH boxes getting more convoluted with each new release ? It was nearly impossible to get a decent photo of this dude, because of the box shape and how the plastic window is all fancy with indents and swoops. I always thought retailers hated weird-shaped packaging, especially on toys. 

Oh, well. Dearest found a lovely large stuffed Octavia from the My Little Pony section, and she followed us home. In a bag. They really didn’t have much MLP, odd considering the second Equestria Girls movie is due out soon. We split a Dollar Spot MLP ‘Fun Pack’ – a small coloring book, crayons, and stickers – and I found a misplaced MH lunchbox that price-checked at $4. Awesome ! The Sailor Moon one I’ve been using for my prescriptions is about to come apart completely, and I didn’t wanna pay too much for a replacement. I nearly bought a tin box version from the VA’s PX, but it was $8., too rich for the likes of me !

I also scored the oddest thing, from the Dollar Spot – a Frozen-themed notepad mirror. Seriously, it’s a hand-mirror shaped notepad with a kid-safe mirror stuck to one side. The other hosts an image of Elsa and Anna. It’s just about the perfect size for the DP&M girls, probably AG and clones, too.

Not much else in the Dollar Spot. Saw an MH yo-yo, and more dry-erase message boards, including one with a really cool lace print. I nearly bought it, but I couldn’t think of how to use it well. Besides, I wanted those Rarity stickers in the MLP fun pack more. Our Tar-zhay was awash in Ava Trotters. Seriously, there was enough clones of her there to launch a conquering assault on both the Barbie and Disney Princess aisles, and probably make a significant dent in the LEGO front lines. If they could just get the few MLPs to throw in with them… it’d be epic.

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  1. I love Neighthan in owner pics! What do you think of him after getting him home?