Monday, March 31, 2014

Nice of the PO to let me know it was wrecked before I got it !

Current Notes: At least it was just doll clothes...

Got an eBay win in today. The seller noted that the tracking didn’t seem to be working – I’d noticed that, too – and asked me to let her know if there were any problems. It arrived today, as you can see. Right on time, but… wow. The front looks much the same, but miraculously, the address wasn’t scraped or stained at all. I told Beloved Hubby it looked like it’d been run over by a mail truck, he said it looked more like it’d been flattened by a mail plane !

The goodies inside – a doll garment and shoes  – were safe and sound, mostly because the seller put it all in a zipper-lock bag inside the bubble mailer. If you look closely, you can see the paper mailer is torn in several places large enough for a doll shoe to escape. This is kind of why I’ve been hesitant about Chinese auctions. This item only had to traverse three states !

Believe it or not, I’m doing laundry today. Yup, less than a week after conquering a mountain of it, there’s three or four loads built up again. The piles seem to come from nowhere ! At least this time, I can use the washer and dryer at home, but even then, it’ll take two days. Don’t wanna flood the Garpartment, so I’ll take some time and let it drain. 

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  1. Sheesh, that looks like the "quality of work" that the local P.O. used to do all the time. If it wasn't a perfectly flat envelope, the chances of it arriving/departing intact were pretty much nil. Thankfully the new postmaster has rectified that.