Thursday, March 27, 2014

Beware the roving stoves !

Current Notes: Smell that ? It's the stink of pure annoyance...

A minor tragedy unfolded in the living room early this morning. A roving stove collided with my left foot, injuring one. Me. Two hours later, I caved and took two knockoff Tylenol, as the pain had subsided some, but still hurt. We were trying to wrest the new-to-us (free !!) oven inside, in case of rain not in the forecast, and my big toe got in the way. On the plus side, Hasbro and Mattel are in the midst of bidding wars over who gets intellectual property rights to the unusual pinkish purple color that now covers my swollen extremity.

No rest for the wicked, though. By the time I could walk, it was past time to start showering and getting ready for Game Day at the PreviousCity Library. No chance of skipping, it’s Dearest Son’s big event, the one he really looks forward to, his main opportunity to socialize with his friends. Their parents, however, abandoned me to kids’ caretaker once again, forming a klatch at the other end of the Library where they can’t even see their kids, which makes it difficult for me to really appreciate the day. Today was special, though – the newest member again asked me to watch her daughter while she picked up her other kids from school. No problem, did it for her last Game Day. Only problem was, my foot was really starting to hurt again, Dearest was ready to leave at 3:30, a half hour before GD ends, and Mom was nowhere in sight. She called me at 4:25, saying she was on the way. We finally got to leave, long after everyone else had (yes, the other parents abandoned me again). At 4:45.

Yeah, I was pretty ticked. Dearest and I both had opted for a light early lunch before we left for GD and a little prowling around PreviousCity, thinking we’d be home around 4 to feast on a later, bigger lunch. We were home at 5:30, due to traffic. Grrrr. Next Game Day, I’ll probably say we’re leaving for an appointment at 3:30 or something.

Other than that, though, it was a nice day. Dearest picked his two places to prowl – Hastings and a thrift shop – and I opted for Joann’s. We kinda came up empty on his picks, although I stuffed a bag with some neat clothes just begging to be torn up into doll apparel for a buck. Let’s see – I scored two jackets (one for each of my guys), a skirt, and four sweaters. I can stuff a lot into a standard Mal-Wart sack. If I’d have been in a greedier mood, I could have crammed at least one more shirt or sweater in there.

Joann’s, despite all their ads, is still pretty pricey. I found some green striped fabric for $4. a yard, and decided against numerous pretty fat quarters – at $2. each, for basic woven cottons ! Yikes. I’d better stick to Mal-Wart. Scored four pair of stretchy gloves on markdown for 50¢ each (two standard black pair for the winter stash, since we all wear and lose them, two pair in purple and grey striped for doll clothes), and one double pair for 99¢. The double pair is like a regular pink pair, with a fingerless pair, striped in matching pink and black, worn on top. Yaaay !

Much like Hancock Fabrics before they wised up, I couldn’t figure out Joann’s remnant pricing. Was it half off the price listed ? Or was the price listed already half off ? It was hard to tell, and I really didn’t see anything worth querying about. And my shoe was already starting to abrade my bruise, so I was ready to scootle over to Game Day. At least I got to sit down for nearly three hours !

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