Wednesday, March 26, 2014

You know it's spring when you see guys in shorts !

Current Notes: Ghoulia's gonna be thrilled ! 

I saw my first daffodils today, and Ginger left us a plump mouse for breakfast. Ahh, signs of Spring. I also saw my first ‘four layered shirts with jacket, booty shorts, and Ugg boots with knee socks’ 20-something in line at 7-11 yesterday. I guess she’s playing tennis in the Arctic Circle. And I thought my life was exotic.

Well, actually, it is. I have Slo Mo !!!!1!! Yes, he’s already here, and he. is. 
Awesome !! I’ve slid his makeup-brush hair over my cheek more than once, I’ll admit it. But only ‘more than once’. So there. I think his face is a pretty good version of his cartoon appearance, just a bit small, on a too-small body. But, let’s face it, I’m just happy to have him, he could look far worse and I’d still be pleased with him. 

He and Beryl, an adorable Night Fury dragon, have made fast friends, so I think he has a pet dragon now. She stole Rarity’s ill-fitting sunglasses – they don’t fit her either, but they look cute and match Slo’s purple shirt, so it’s all good.

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  1. Beryl is WAY too cute in those glasses! I bet she and Slo Mo are going to be best friends, lol!