Saturday, March 22, 2014

I'm gonna getta Slo Mo !! Thanks, Presto !

Current Notes: Ok, so now we're broke. 

Whoo-hoo ! Presto snagged two Slo-Mos, and she’s sending one to me ! Alleluia ! The one I had a bid on closed at $47. plus shipping, one dollar at a time, and I gave up about twenny bucks before. And was starting to wonder if I'd ever get him. 
 Thanks, Hon !!

FIL has got to quit opening the car door before I’ve stopped. Drives me crazy. Today, I didn’t hit the brakes as soon as he did it, and actually drove a few more feet like that. He also always changes my plans once he’s in the car. ‘Just a quick drive to the grocery store’ becomes a trip to 7-11 and the grocery, plus he wants me to wait in the parking lot when I told Dearest Son right in front of FIL that I’d drop FIL off and be right back. I want to drive them, and want to feel good about it, but these antics are making me petty and a bit resentful. I’m the one with the steering wheel, you’re in my world now !

Shook it off and took Dearest to Dollar Tree just before lunch. Fun ! I got the doll clothes pictured here, and yes, the tiara is mine. Believe it or not, as much as I talk about stuff like that, I’ve never had one before. Ever. Not as a joke as an adult, and Mother didn’t allow them in the house when I was a kid, even the cheap ones I could buy with my allowance. She didn’t even like it when I made them out of cardboard. I keep joking with Beloved Hubby that one day I’ll buy some over-the-top pageant creation, or the first one I could find with five-point stars as a design center, but truthfully, I think this will be my only one ever. It’s actually rather pretty. In a chemical spill rainbow sort of way.

Doll clothes are, of course, cheep little things, but I can’t resist ‘em. I got one of each variety I saw on the pegs. Some of them came with black shoes, but every time I went for a black-shoe dress, there was something wrong with it. A missing line of glitter dots right down the front. A fold I can’t iron or cut out that makes the dress lopsided. An already torn-out hem. Besides, those shoes looked small even for Barbie. I’d rather have a better dress to work with than shoes I might not be able to use. Of course, it's completely opposite when it comes to Monster High...

I also got a large garden thermometer, and hung it outside where we can read it from the Study window. Beloved and I are both closet weather students, and I’ve always wanted one of those nice, big temperature gauges. I figured, if we liked and used this DTree version, it’d be a good investment to upgrade come Christmas. If not, it’s a buck’s worth of fun that’ll save me from wasting $20. I need to anchor it down at the bottom, as right now, it’s doubling as a wind indicator !

A few snacks, jars of pickles, some cleaning stuff, shampoo… still not sure how I spent almost $20., but I did. It’s rare for me to get out of there for less than $10. ! 

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  1. Oh man, my local Dollar Tree never has doll clothes at all. Darned if they didn't stock up on those disembodied Barbie heads, though. Glad to help you with Slo Mo! XD