Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday is Thrift Day !

Current Notes: I could have shopped all day ! 

Well, believe it or not, we still have a few bucks. But just a few. Beloved Hubby encouraged me to take the debit card and any coupons I could scrounge to OfficeDepotMax, and pick m’self out a new sewing chair.

Ya’ll know me. It can’t be that simple – or expensive. Sure, I’d buy a new chair if I couldn’t find a good used one first. So I hit my local fave thrift first, the one I usually visit on Sundays. They had one chair, and I rejected it before I could even find the price tag. A chair that lists to the left and tips waaaay back is not what I need. No new dolls, unless you count some more generic babies and princess Barbies, so we moved on.

Between that thrift and OfficeWhatever is a seldom-visited Salvation Army. They never have dolls, their misc. is way expensive, and they’ll hang up a t-shirt used as an oil change rag and try to get $2.99 for it. But I decided to give it a go… and I found a chair, but most of theirs were as bad as Local thrift’s sole offering. Nearly all the chairs also had the swayback I didn’t need, and many were just barely working at all. I found one without wheels that was OK, but not really what I wanted, and was really too worn to be that expensive at $25.

I was contemplating waiting for its green tag to go on half-off next Thursday –they have a color discount calendar on the door – when a few more got wheeled out. The brown one looked like an office wars survivor, but it sat well, had a firm back, and was fairly comfy. Seemed a bit low, but I can always make a pillow for it. How much ? $13. ? Sold American !

Dearest Son found a Sony monitor he liked for $50., and it seemed OK. His current monitor has a single thin line on the left, and it’s been bugging him. The ‘on’ screen was black, so we really couldn’t check for lines. He was willing to take the risk when the manager mentioned there was a second Sony – had we checked it ? That one even had a monitor cable still attached, something the first one lacked, and the ‘on’ screen was white. No lines. We swapped them out and were on our way home. Dearest installed it without any help from me, in seconds. It works perfectly. We’re all delighted ! Now, what to do with that old monitor…

So I’m happy. We got what we both needed, for about what we would have paid for a new chair. Whoo-hoo ! 

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