Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday is Laundry Day...

Current Notes: On the plus side, my sweaty shirt still smells April Fresh !

I got five large loads of laundry done today – washed, dried, put away. The garage is still a mess, and the old water heater occasionally floods the space, so I had to go to the Laundromat, but that’s OK. MIL & FIL have redone their living space, and there’s always things displaced when that happens. We’ll probably have the new-to-us water heater installed and have the last bits cleaned up by next week or so, so none of us will have to deal with the mess again !

The only thing that still ranks is… there’s more laundry to do. I only did about half of it today. Beloved Hubby and Dearest Son had clothes hidden everywhere, and by the time I got it all harvested, it was a small mountain. Oh, well. I moved half a mountain today, I’ll move the other half tomorrow. At least it doesn’t take that long, because I do all five loads at once.

On the plus side, thanks to renovations at the house where he’s working, Beloved is bringing home an electric stove – complete with vent hood ! – and a dishwasher. Free if he’ll haul them away, and they were working when they were unplugged earlier this week. I have no idea how well the dishwasher will work, the current one also floods, so I’m not excited about that. The stove, on the other hand…. wow. I can’t wait to cook a meatloaf and baked beans without one of the shelves in the toaster oven suddenly deciding the beans are heavy, brother or not, and dropping on top of the loaf. Actually having room to bake more than one layer of cake…(happy sigh) It sounds silly to be excited about that, but I am.

Transferred the last of the Slo Mo fund to PayPal, as I had a bid on one. Got outbid on him – but that’s fine, Presto snagged two, and she’s gonna send me one ! Yaaay ! No more doll hunts I really wasn’t in the mood for, what a gift ! If you’ll remember, she also found me a Mal-Wart C. A. Cupid and a Sweet 1600 Clawd when they were beyond rare around here. Come to think of it, I don’t remember ever seeing that Clawd on store shelves. Anyway. She thought of me again ! Such a sweetie. Thanks again, Presto ! Beryl has indicated she likes Slo Mo (just not like certain ghouls around here like him), and wants an introduction when he arrives. I told her it may take a day or two for him to surface from a tidal wave of lovelorn Ghoulias, but I’d make it happen.

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