Thursday, March 20, 2014

TRU Thursday !

Current Notes: Isn't she adorable ? 

Today was so much fun ! I got to take Dearest Son to TRU, then hit Mal-Wart to pick up my MH doll case. Let me say early – no Slo Mo. The nice stock clerk at M-W said she’d opened six cases of those ‘cheerleader dolls’ and there wasn’t one guy doll in any of ‘em. And I’d been about the fourth or fifth to ask. But I was in a good mood – until it was time to retrieve my Site To Store order, more later – so I just shrugged and said to m’self, maybe next time.

TRU is the most fun when you have all afternoon to wander around. Dearest and I were in there for over an hour. And we spent about $25. total. He chose the Pinkie Pie helicopter set, I got a markdown Harumika set (mostly for the shoes and belt) and a new pet for my dolls – isn’t he adorable ? If you don’t already recognize him, he’s Toothless, from Dreamworks’ How to Train Your Dragon series. Very catlike, impossibly cute. There’s other dragons in the series, and a crouching Toothless, but I liked this one best. Less than $5. if your TRU has him. At least, I think Toothless is a boy dragon…  Anyway, this is Beryl, who’s a catlike girl Night Fury dragon. Question resolved !

I originally got her for the DP&M girls, but she may be a bit too small for that. They’ll meet tomorrow, we’ll see then !

The doll I’d come to see was, of course, sold out. TRU had maybe five Anna fashion dolls, some tiny Anna dolls, and two Elsa kid-size dresses, that was it. What was really sad was how crammed up the Brave merch was. Really looked overstocked and under-wanted. But I got a good look at the DP&M Merida doll, and found I preferred her freckled face to Ariel’s. So if I end up with a redhead, it’ll probably be Merida. But really, with these big dolls, two really are enough… unless I find one at the thrift again !

Got a few much-delayed necessaries at Mal-Wart, then went to pick up my site-to-store MH case. I figured I’d go ahead and snag one now at $15. before I have to go the collector route in six months and shell $30. Too bad this marvelous time saver was a real PITA today. I had to hit the ‘call for assistance’ button three times, as it cycled through and came back to the ‘call for assistance’ screen that many times. I ended up calling the store’s main number on my cell and asking for someone to please come help me. Sheesh. I was about to start stacking the benches on top of the counter – I’m sure that’d get someone’s darned attention ! Even then, it took a couple minutes before someone shuffled over. Then she complained at my printer’s quality – it’s a laser printer, dear – and muttered that she was just too busy. Sorry she has scheduling issues with the Powers That Be, but by the time I left, I felt like I was a burden to Mal-Wart itself, one that was not encouraged to come back. So I probably won’t for a while. I’ve already found a local grocer that’s cheaper, already bought what we’ve been needing, and am tired of looking for Slo Mo. So why burden them with my presence ?

Put a bid on one that closes in a couple days. Like usual, if it’s not a Buy It Now item – and very few Slo’s under $100. are – I bid the max I’m willing to pay, including shipping, and walk away. If I win in a few days, yaay for me. If not, maybe next time. I got into one bidding war, waaaay overpaid, and vowed never again. So far, so good on that promise.

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  1. Awww, I love those little baby dragons! I got both of the Toothless ones for pets for my dolls. They're so ridiculously adorable!