Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday is play day !

Current Notes: What they don't tell you is, most 'magic carpets'
are more like mug rugs, and are so small, ya gotta
fly standing up !  

I had dolls all over our bed today, and had so much fun ! Some doll clothes I ordered came in, and it was a blast to try things on and play ! One of the pieces I got was the toddler ‘Elsa’ dress from the wide-release Tollytots doll – it barely fits the Cinderella Tollytots doll I got from the thrift, the one we call Cinderelsa. While the dress doesn’t close in the back, it still looks good on her, especially with her ‘glass’ glitter slippers !

The main reason I wanted the lot I bought was for a pair of Playmates interactive Jasmine harem pants. Long ago, I had the Belle interactive doll, but had to let her and her wardrobe go. I still have a pair of her shoes, which, regrettably, don’t fit DP&M dolls. Still, I wondered if those Playmates clothes would fit the Jakks Pacific Belle and Tia I now have. Turns out, the pants at least are a perfect fit ! But I think the Jasmine top goes to a toddler doll, not the interactive one, as it gaps about a half inch from closing in the back, and doesn’t really match. I’ve seen the interactive doll still in box, that’s not even the same top she wears. It’ll work for photos, though !

Belle’s yellow slippers (from the toddler Playmates doll, grin) looked pretty good with the harem outfit, but I liked it better with Tia barefoot. That meant I had to do something about the awful pedicure she came home with. Luckily for me, it was just nail polish, and a cotton ball of remover took it right off. I think she makes a lovely Jasmine, don’t you ?

I also discovered that the Playmates toddler dolls’ dresses fit the DP&M dolls, too, they’re just a bit too high-waisted and much too ‘young looking’ for them to suit. It’s easy for clothes to fit, it’s often much harder for them to suit, people or dolls. Luckily, Princess Dorrie can wear them, although I now have two of the same Belle dress.

After lunch, I decided to finally sit still in one place and actually watch Frozen. Loved it ! For all the critics who say it was thin on plot, well, if you want the truth, so’s Jaws and Citizen Kane. Relax and enjoy what you can on this blue Earth. But you know I can’t just watch a movie, I have to do something, and I’d just had lunch, so munching was right out. So I sewed a second pair of DP&M panties, this time using the yellow fabric I sewed Belle’s first dress from.

As usual, the first time I sew something, it’s perfect. The second time, I always screw up. Top thread ran out, fabric didn’t catch in the hem stitching – twice ! – crotch pieces didn’t quite match… the usual. They’re still usable, and if I keep to tradition, the third and all subsequent editions will work just fine. Since most of the cottons I buy are quite thin, I’m gonna try to make a matching pair of undies with every outfit I sew. It’s rare for me not to have a few scraps to piece together, after all.

It was a beautiful day out – funny to watch Frozen with the sun beaming and a gentle warm breeze slipping in from the open front door ! – so I got to watch Dearest Son ride his bike a little. That was great, as he’d just mastered a two-wheeler right before we moved and winter made it too cold to play outside. They say you never forget, and I think it’s true – all I gotta do is get over the new balance and slight fear, and get on mine. It’s just a bit too tall for me, and with my ‘fat body’ new balance and my body’s memory of my ‘much thinner, younger body’  confusing things, not being able to put my feet flat on the ground makes me nervous. Only way through it is, well, through it, so I gotta put on my big girl shoes – the thick soled ones that make me a little taller ! – and get out there already.

Just… tomorrow, okay ? If the weather’s nice. 

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