Saturday, December 29, 2012

Yow ! Stripes ahoy !

Current Mood : Dreading dishpan hands.

Woke with a tummyache, so I took it easy today. Beloved Hubby had an overnight shift, so he wasn’t eager to start the day bright-eyed and early either. However, Dearest Son was kinda taking advantage of that, and getting into trouble, so I reasoned that if I was gonna be up and miserable to keep an eye on Dearest, he wasn’t gonna enjoy it either. He had toys and his stuff all over the living room so thickly, I couldn’t get to the bookcases when I went to put some away, so there ya go. We were gonna clean.

Three hours later, we were done. All the junk and toys and stuff under his desk had been pulled out, sorted through, reconsidered, and stored, and we came to an agreement over cars and Lego. Lego, with a few exceptions, has been banished to his room, where hopefully, I won’t keep finding it with my feet everywhere else. We also filled a Mal-Wart sack with decent-to-donate books and toys and loaded two 13-gallon trashbags. I’ve been meaning to get that done for months !

I didn’t realize my stomach issues had cleared up until I started our late lunch. Hmm. He also has two wrecked closets to sort through, to make room for all this Lego…

It’s funny why I needed to get to the bookcase. When we shuffled furniture the other day, I decided to go through the nearly untouched pile of books by my side of the bed. Most I’d bought used for a dime or scrounged for free, so I’d always have something to read. As of yesterday, I have over 50 free books on the tablet, most via the Kindle app and site, and I’ve only read three, and have barely started two others. I have *plenty* to read for months, and there’s more free treats every day ! So I stored the ‘keepers’ and dumped the rest in the donations bag with Dearest’s. Once I could get to the bookcase.

There are soooo many free Kindle books – and no, you don’t need a Kindle to get ‘em or read ‘em, there’s apps for tabs and readers for computers, all free, too ! – that I don’t go on the prowl for ‘em every day. Or else, I’d probably have 500 free books waiting for my attention ! There’s websites devoted to scaring up the really good books, or you can just go through the ‘Hot 100 Free’ tab on Amazon. My only beef is that the freebies are, of course, heavily skewed towards fluffy romance and teen genre fiction. Not much reference, lots of religious, quite a bit of adult naughtiness, but also there’s cookbooks and study guides, so there really is something for everyone.

Well, I got dishes to do. I really can’t stand letting them pile up the way I used to. Now that I cook most of the time, I truly treasure a clean kitchen !

Sleep tight ! 


  1. LOVE 'Retta's new outfit! The belt is especially cool!

    Hooray for feeling better AND getting lots of stuff ready to be donated. That is my goal for the next 2 weeks!

  2. Dorrie! Saw the Operetta and Frankie 2 1/2 fashions packs at Tulsa TRU yesterday! They may be popping up in your stores, soon.

  3. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures. I really like the pants and belt. Happy Year! We keep in touch in 2013.