Monday, December 31, 2012

Bye, 2012 ! Hope everyone had fun with you !

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Happy New Year’s Eve ! Hope you have something awesome planned. I’m gonna be home with Dearest Son – Beloved Hubby’s gotta work, which ranks – playin’ with dolls and watching movies, which is awesome. We also had take-out for dinner, I got a McRib ! So I’m happy !

Finally made a decision. Since I still don’t know why I’m being so drag-butt about opening those new Deluxe Fashion Packs, I thought I’d make a game out of it. Those Dollar Tree packs have been sitting around since the month began, so I’m gonna finish adapting those before I crack into the latest new stuff. After all, it’s hard to appreciate the stuff you have when new is constantly rolling in. Besides, it’s more fun to adapt than debox !

So I cracked open the next pack, the one with the shirt and glitter-dot orange knee-shorts and the purple glitter-dot tube dress. If the dress had one back seam, instead of two side seams, I’d take it apart and sew it from scratch – especially after altering those shorts, more later. Ironically, the top is hemmed, the first dress hem I’ve seen. Too bad it’s so badly snarled in the back, I’ll probably have to rip out the whole thing. But that’s tomorrow’s challenge. Today, I worked on the top and shorts.

The top is a lot like the striped one on Operetta, cut in the same style and sewn the same way, just with longer sleeves and a bigger neckline. With the hearts print, it reminded me of an oversize nightshirt I was once given as a holiday gift, so that’s what I remade it as, for Robecca. She never had a Dead Tired version, either. Fray-checked the sleeves, and zig-zagged the raw bottom edge, several rows. I liked how it looked, so I did the same to the neckline.

Made a decent pair of slide-slippers, but because I just made her a pair for swimwear, wanted something else for her nightie. Dug around in the cavernous MH shoe box and came up with a LIV doll slipper. I’d bought several accessory packs from TRU’s website when they were on markdown, and while the shoes mostly fit, they truly don’t. The ‘Movie Party’ set came with pink slippers, and not much else I could use. The food was really small, and I was kinda mad at m’self for wasting $1.98 on it when the slippers didn’t fit either. I mean, I could kinda fudge the LIV skates and sandals, but not the slippers, which is opposite my usual doll-shoe-swap experience. So they got buried at the bottom, pushing more fashionable boots, pumps, and platform heels up into view.

One jumped into my hand tonight, though, and I wondered. It was pink enough to work with the nightie, and different enough to not be confused with the high-heel slippers the other DT dolls got. Since soaking slightly-too-small plastic doll shoes in boiling water helped Ken sandals fit Deuce, I’ve wondered if it’d work for others. Well, you can only do so much with available space, but a quick soak did help the LIV slippers fit Robecca. I no longer regret ‘wasting’ that two bucks !

The orange glitter-dot shorts….(sigh) No hems, of course, so I was gonna just Fray-Check ‘em and drive on, but then, the elastic at the waist started to come out. So I had to open the back seam to get to the elastic to re-sew it…which was easy, because the entire inseam and front and back seams were also coming apart. Since I already had them back to pattern cut-outs, I went ahead and sewed hems, then snugged the fit a bit, while I was at it. I am now satisfied with the shorts. While I prefer her shirt as a solo nightie, modesty encourages the shorts, so there they are. Maybe they help keep her hips in top shape while she sleeps or something. Thinking of adding ribbon straps to the blouse, so it can go off-shoulder a bit. Hmmm…

While I was finishing that up, Dearest was doing some custom work of his own. He took the jacket from the ‘Michelle’ doll and fitted it to his Princess Cadence pony. It really looks cute ! And eliminated the sleeve I ninja-fixed. Ah, well.

Gonna make popcorn and chill. See ya’ll next year ! 

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