Saturday, December 22, 2012

In the run-up to Christmas, I feel run out !

Current Mood : Bleh.

Today was a day of dawdle around and  watch TV kinda day at Chez Insanity. Helped Dearest Son clean his room, so we can fix his bed – it sprung a leak while FIL was here, and my spot-fix isn’t holding anymore. Beloved Hubby performed a more serious operation on the thing, we’ll see if it holds. At least it happened when we can afford to replace it, if necessary !

Still haven’t opened the MH Deluxe Fashion Sets. You’d think I’d be all over those, that was all I wanted when the photos – along with the Scaris photos - were released. I’m wondering if yesterday took more out of me than I thought, I don’t wanna sew, or play with the new tablet, or read, or anything – I just wanna sleep. 

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