Sunday, December 30, 2012

Breakfast at TRU's...

Current Mood : Toy-dazed.

Decided last night that today was the best day to use up half of my $20. rewards certificates from TRU, despite the fact that Beloved Hubby wasn’t home ‘til 3am, and I thought knocking out the dishes while I waited for him was also a great idea. Ah, well. At least the kitchen was nice and clean for breakfast ! And going the first Saturday after Christmas seemed like a poor choice for someone determined to look at everything, and then choose how to best spend that ‘free’ ten bucks.

Since our TRU opened at 9am today, I hopped up early and was there when the door opened. And pretty much had the entire store to m’self for an hour. Nothing new in MH, although they were swimming in Dot Dead Gorgeous and Ghouls Alive!, neither of which I wanted. Nothing in the My Little Pony section, either. And even ‘buy two get one free’ for Bratzillaz clothes still seemed expensive – especially when I haven’t opened the Deluxe Fashion Packs yet !

Finally saw the Apptivity MH line, and wandered around for a bit with the Lagoona one before I realized that I had no idea if it’d even work with my non-iPad tablet. Turns out it doesn’t, so I’m glad I put it back. Also dragged a $17. Barbie StarDoll  - the one with the glittery pink pumps - on a store tour for a while, but truthfully, all I wanted were her shoes, and I’m kind of at a shoe limit… at least for now. So she went back, too.

Finally decided on a copy of Apples to Apples Jr. game, that we could all play together. We’d all seen the ads and tried to find it so we could play over the holidays, but it was sold out around here. Or misplaced. Our TRU has shelf-talkers all over the game wall, saying games were organized alphabetically, but all I could find for ‘A’ was Angry Birds : Star Wars incarnations, then it went straight to Bop-It and Candyland.  Turned out, all the A to A versions were at the very end of the game wall, as far apart from ABirds as possible. Ah, well. Would have gone for ‘standard’ A to A, but I figured a gentler version would work for us all. Might even help Dearest understand some new concepts and word usage. Or it could just be fun. That’d be good, too.

The next (and luckily final) two $5. certificates don’t expire ‘til nearly the end of January. You know I’ll be out again hunting by then, right ? (grin) Probably spend it on me next time !

I’m glad it’ll be a little while before I go trawling for more MH. I kinda had a scary lesson today. Back before Christmas, I traded and bought a lot of stuff ! And I’ve treasured it all…but I remembered that I bought Robecca’s Dance outfit, and had no idea where it was. Or what it included. I had it, I knew it, but where – and did I get that awesome hat headband ? Luckily, I found it, and I got the whole thing but for shoes, but I couldn’t believe I’d been so neglectful and absent-minded. So I made sure to put it on my signature – and only – Robecca, so I could really enjoy and share how pretty it is. And I worked a little more on the slippers, too ! Too bad I sewed one with the toe going where I designated the heel…

Minus the skirt, this is gonna be Robecca’s swimsuit. I’d love to find Dance Class Operetta, for the same reason, but I’ve yet to see any of ‘em at retail. Ah, well. If I get geared up enough about it, I’ll get off my duff and sew my own beachwear ! 

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  1. Hello from Spain: I really like your new doll. She is awesome. Happy Year! We keep in touch in 2013.