Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I'm having a slushy post-Christmas... no one ever sings that one.

Current Mood : Easing off my addiction to knockoff Robitussin...

Dearest Son’s bed finally surrendered to the ultimate last night, so we were on our way to Mal-Wart fairly early this morning. It felt so good to get out for a while. The snow had iced over, but was melting quickly, so the roads were unpredictable. A quick confession : we spun donuts and power slides with Venus-diesel in empty parking lots yesterday. Today it was just too chancy, so I’m glad we had a bit of scary-safe fun when we could. Today’s slides weren’t much on the ‘power’ side, and a bit more on the ‘scary’ one. I’m just glad Beloved Hubby was driving.

Luckily, the MH shelves were even more clear of product today than they were last time we went, so I wasn’t tempted a single whit. All they had were Ghouls Rule Abbeys, and I already have two of her character, Signature and I Love Fashion ! Oddly, the Barbie aisle was well-stocked, and Dearest found a bonus double-pack of ponies that would’ve cost at least $20. for $9.50, plus the never-seen ‘Apple Family’ set that is absolutely charming. That pretty much busted his allowance down to about where the rest of the family finances are, so it was funny to see him sigh and bemoan his ‘sooo broke’ status, while he was playing with his new ponies in his huge Barbie Dreamhouse.

Beloved’s Phi Theta Kappa honor society packet came in a few days ago, so we got a nice ‘floating’ frame for the certificate. And I scored a really pretty fat quarter ! Beloved and I decided to split a salad for lunch, and got Dearest what he wanted, along with some life-sustaining potato chips. I’m still not eating much, most everything tastes really salty to me now.

Tried to sew again, failed, and decided to rest a bit, play a while, and watch stupid stuff like Bridezillas on Netflix for the rest of the day. Changed Venus into the Dollar Tree dress I altered – but never photographed – which looked surprisingly good on her, at least to me ! Decided I liked for her to keep her vines, so at least the arm and leg ones will stay. The necklace one didn’t work with the dress neckline. You get that photo tomorrow. Hopefully by then, I’ll be healthy enough to sew straight again !  

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