Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I had a White and Green Christmas !

Current Mood : Joyful

We have a White Christmas ! We got an inch of snow on top of two hours of rain and slush, but it looks so beautiful. And, thanks to 7-11, we finally have a decent ice scraper. We somehow always lose those things.

We were all lazy today. Beloved Hubby let me sleep in ‘til noon, and I crashed at about 10pm last night. Dearest Son loved his gifts, and I even got one – they bought Venus for me ! They knew I didn’t have her, so I’m thrilled. She’s gorgeous ! I don’t know how I resisted her for so long…oh, that’s right. She’s the first one I’ve ever seen !

I can’t get over her hair – it’s lush and colorful, and so soft ! The flocked side is perfect, and I really like how it enhances her style. She has such dramatic eyes, too, and I hadn’t expected her hands to be sculpted with plantlike veins. She’s had some hair shed, but not much, and her earrings keep getting caught in her lush locks, but I’m amazed every time I look at her at how gorgeous she is. Beloved chose wisely !

We surprised him with the book of his choice on the tab – and it didn’t take him long to pick one, a scholastic, weighty tome he’s been digging into all day. But now that I’m feeling better – and ready to be awake for more than two hours in a row ! – I made sure he got some sleep.

While he rested, and Dearest played with his new haul, I tried to sew, since it’s kind of an indicator of my general health and well-being. Even wanting to sew is a good sign. Uh-oh. Guess I should have used a familiar pattern as a barometer, and not something completely new, since I bombed it. Both times. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

For now, though, I’m just gonna kick back with a Netflix – yaaay ! It’s back ! – episode of Law & Order and a mug of hot chocolate with a candy cane in it. They’re good in coffee, too. Gotta remember to stock up during the post-holiday markdowns.

Hope you have the silent night you yearn for. 

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  1. Hello from Spain: I like the series 'Law & Order'. On television in my country are issuing this American series. I like a white Christmas but it does not snow in my city ever. Keep in touch