Friday, December 21, 2012

Deuce's Christmas !

Current Mood : Happy.

Today was Scaris Deuce day ! He got two Christmas presents – a pair of jeans from Michelle and sandals from Ken. ‘Michelle’ was a $3. narrow-boxed Lovely Patsy-style blow-molded doll from Dollar General. While I liked her purple bangs, her vacant expression wasn’t helping my decision. Bought her anyway, although all I wanted were her jeans, but Dearest Son claimed Michelle, her blouse, her jacket, both pair of shoes, and her purse. The jacket was kinda nice, and looks good on his Toralei, but the hood stitches were already loose when I took it out of the package. I’ll ninja-repair it once he’s in bed. Done it before. Need to move the Velcro ™ over a bit on the jeans, which is common, but they fit Deuce fine as-is, so having a ‘just because’ surprise for Dearest and the jeans are well worth the three bucks.

Hit TRU early, as Dearest bought some ponies with his allowance that I’d already bought for Christmas. We told him he had some ponies coming, but he wouldn’t be swayed. Left early to avoid traffic – too late. The roads and parking lots were insane, but the stores themselves weren’t bad at all. My returns went smoother than their sale did ! Refund in hand, I snagged a Ken tuxedo he liked, and I bought a more casual outfit with cool black sandals, hoping they’d fit Deuce and the dudes. Plus, Dearest has two guys who needed shirts.

Turned out, the sandals mostly fit Deuce, they were just a bit too tight. So I soaked ‘em in boiling water for a few minutes, fished ‘em out and put ‘em on still wet. Much better. They still fit later, when I took ‘em off and put them on again. Oddly, the Ken shorts in the same pack barely fit a soft-legged Ken doll Dearest has. He couldn’t sit with the Velcro closed. Dearest said he’d save ‘em for his MH guys. Hooded ‘Malibu’ shirt fit fine, though. Just wished the black ‘miniblind’ shades fit the MH head, I love the 80s vibe of those things.

Got to see all three of the Ghouls Alive! dolls while I was there. Don’t want any of them, but it was about all our TRU had – and only one Frankie and Spectra, and two Clawdeens. A few Ghouls Rule dolls lingered, but the surplus of Skull Shores Ghoulia and DracuLauras have been completely wiped out. Ours was even sold out of the school playsets ! There were four Coffin Bean playsets, three scooters, and two bathrooms, both without dolls. Everything else was either cosmetic or electronic. It occurred to me that I now had a device I could use the Aptivity devices on, but completely forgot to look for them in the store. Plus, I didn’t wanna be there all day.

But, of the three GA! ghouls, I really liked Clawdeen the best. Seeing her eyes close was so cool, and her howl was straight out of the cartoon webisodes. While she’s really wicked awesome, it’s still a gimmick, and I’ve already have enough of that behind me from my Barbie days. Still, if I find her in a flea market or thrift store – mine ! And to be brutal truthful, seeing a skull in Frankie’s head when she ‘sparks’ was kinda creepy.

You may have noticed I haven’t opened the Deluxe Fashion Packs yet. Yeah, I’m kinda hoarding them for later – but now that the planet’s still spinning, I think I’ll start in in the next day or two. Those funny Mayans, playin’ a trick on us ! LOL. 

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  1. Hello from Spain: this guy is very attractive. Your outfit is very modern. Happy Christmas. Keep in touch