Thursday, December 27, 2012

Oh, ham, you sweet, delicious betrayer, you....

Current Mood : Oooh, my tummy...

Today, I finally got the Christmas ham into the oven. (laugh) Well, no one was in much of a mood or health to eat big on Tuesday, and since I just got it out of the freezer Sunday night, it probably wasn’t thawed anyway. It tormented us for the near four hours it took to cook with its heavenly aromas – which could be detected two doors down.

We also learned that Ginger-kitty loves tuna, but won’t eat a whole can of it. She daintily nibbled at the can we presented her with on Christmas, but barely made a dent in it. I bagged it up and served the rest of it today and yesterday, and she went after it with a joy that was a pleasure to witness. I’ll know better for Valentine’s day. Also not to heat it up in the microwave. I always thought ‘fish in the microwave = sin’ because of the smell. Nope. Ask me how long it takes lovingly dished up tuna to explode and paste the inside of said microwave with microscopic shreds of itself. About ten seconds. How long does it take to clean up afterwards ? About 20 minutes.

Speaking of kitty, we sprung for a real litter box today, since she’s pretty much ours now. She and we have been pigging it with most of the cardboard boxes we had lying around the place. Disposable, but there are better options out there. Also bought a laser pointer. That thing earned its $3. keep ten minutes after we got the batteries installed. She chased that thing like it was tuna. She finally had to retreat to the bathroom sink to get a breather.

We also did a big furniture swap. About the time Beloved Hubby decided he wanted a comfy chair in the bedroom over his art desk, Dearest Son decided he was tired of his green recliner and wanted a desk. So they both gave it some thought, decided a few days ago, and we swapped it all out today. Vacuumed, too. Our room looks cozier, his room looks more like a young man’s and less like the aftermath of a chaotic Lego party. To add to the fun, we managed to get his Dumpster-dived wheelchair in there, for extra seating, so he’s clam-happy. We rolled our old patio table – what Dearest was using as a desk / play surface, after it ceased to be our dining area table – out to the Dumpster. The Dumpster takes, the Dumpster gives… the table was gone about two hours later, when I took out more trash. I wish the new owners many happy meals and conversations.

Speaking of furniture, have you seen this ? I had to grin. If you don’t like to click links ( I understand),  I’ll tell ya it goes to Mal-Wart’s website, for a knockoff MH dollhouse made by Teamson Kids. It’s basically a KidKraft Barbie house with a repaint that’s vaguely gothic, kinda Victorian. Included furniture’s also very KidKraft-y, but it’s pink and black with skull and crossbones added as a motif. Found a nearly identical standard ‘pastel pink’ version that was $50. less, go figure. What’s neat is, every photo I’ve seen of it, there’s a boy playing with it ! Cool.

Since I’m still a bit off, stitch-wise, I ripped open the ‘jeans’ package of doll clothes from Dollar Tree and worked on them. They pretty much fit the MH body right out of the package, but the inseam was unraveling, there were threads everywhere, and the ankle hems didn’t even come close to meeting. Ok, it’s official – my sewing is *better* than DTree’s ! My efforts may not be perfect, but my pant legs’ inseams are nice and snug, and the hems usually match. I’ll have a go at the striped top and the strapless dress later tonight.

Ooogh. I think I ate too much ham. Gonna go lie down for a bit… 

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  1. I'm glad you had a lovely Christmas and are on the mend from being sick. I wish you and your loved ones the fulfillment of all your wishes in the New Year.