Monday, December 24, 2012

Treasures... I have so many !

Current Mood : Better but still bleh. 

Feeling a little better today, but I’m still sleeping a lot. At least my breathing has stabilized, so I’m not gasping, and the gunk down my windpipe has thinned considerably. Still hurts when I cough, but thanks to the cheap Tussin-swill, that’s not often. I swear, the worse that stuff tastes, the better it works. I hate Robitussin, and its millions of clones, but it always works for me. Beloved Hubby’s let me rest as much as I’ve needed, and Dearest Son is a little worried, but knows once I’ve had enough rest and medicine, I’ll be back to my usual weird self.

In the meanwhile, Dearest gave me the greatest gift today ! Before we went to those overpriced so-called ‘smart’ phones, I had a cute green flip one that I loved. Sure, it was a pain to text on it, but I loved the texture, and it’s clear, beautiful color. When we upgraded, I reluctantly passed it down to DMIL & FIL, where it would be a minor upgrade for one of them. When they upgraded, they gave it to Dearest to play with. Now that we’re back with cheaper phones, I admitted that I kinda missed my pretty green phone. So Dearest dug through his closets and found it ! It’s missing the battery, but we ordered one that should be in soon, and I had the old USB charger located in minutes. What a sweet guy I have !

Beloved Hubby also got a gift today – he doesn’t work again ‘til Friday ! And since school’s out, it’s been great to rest, hang out together, play games, and watch TV. Which has been great for me, as I’ve been so sick, I’ve been sleeping all day. I’m just glad we have the microwave and we just went grocery shopping, as my cooking would have been bad at best !

Oh, and if you'd like to make your own quote poster, like my silly effort, hit up Recite. Type in your words of wisdom, and choose the template you like best. So far, my favorite is 'Every artist was once an amateur'. 

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