Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wherein I put off the box yet again...

Current Mood : Post-holiday malaise.

Whew. Halloween’s over, and it’s the start of a whole new month. Parents can breathe a sigh of relief and let the kids finish destroying their costumes, now that the holiday is over. My folks always had to hide the box of joy, my hand-selected Ben Cooper Sabrina or Josie (sans Pussycats) one-day fantasy dress, because I swear, the things had expiration dates. Stiffly starched post-industrial waste nylon is not known for its integrity. Even the mask, which smelled of an exotic, heady blend of cheese and feet, gave up and collapsed after three days no matter how gentle you were with it. The hair-snarling elastic normally snapped mid-neighborhood on the big night. Most parents threw it out long before then, once they tracked what was making that horrible smell.

Dearest Son had a grand time with his grandparents, and had already eaten through half a bucket of candy. We had not a single trick-or-treater, even though we had the door wide open and the best Halloween soundtrack Pandora could offer running through the just-redone speaker array. Too bad I’d already snarfed up all the Twizzlers from the candy bowl, as it’s still full. I packed a handful of the shaped sugar leftovers in my purse and handed them out liberally at therapy. Felt pretty good. Protip : Cashiers at 7-11 are nearly always happy for an extra hit of sucrose, no matter what holiday’s on the label.

I was so worn out after therapy, I slept during the car ride back, and stared into space for at least an hour once we were home. As you might guess, I didn’t get a lot done on the box project. Fused the interfacing to the correct squares (I hope) and glued the felt to the craft foam, which is necessary, but just prep work, and that was all. Standing at the ironing board for an hour made me long for a nap, and I’ve yet to find a hot glue gun that is good for anything save for leaving hot silly strings all over your project like a banner proclaiming your crafting inexperience, filling the immediate area with the scent of scorched fingertip skin, and tipping over and falling off the table. Next time, I’m using the ‘cold’ glue and having an excuse to let it all sit around for a couple of days, to ‘dry’.

I also wanted to put the MH box of stuff away – it was making the (cheap plastic)  laundry basket collapse on one side – from where I dragged it down to retrieve a spare diary for a trade, but I needed to scan the Coffin Bean playset as a coloring page. There it is ! Click and screen-grab to make it your very own, but bigger.

Speaking of that playset, I also got to play with my new duplicate CB furniture. Sooo worth it ! The ghouls seated on the matching sofas look so much more comfortable than they did on the mismatched boxes, and having chairs upstairs at the School gives more play-room. Now if I can just get Green out of that one chair…

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