Wednesday, October 31, 2012

'Tis the witchy, glittery hour...

Current Mood : Ready for November !

Happy Halloween !  Arranged another trade today, which, fortunately for me, didn’t involve sewing anything. Someone was looking for Ghoulia’s issue diary, and I had two, so I asked for the Casketball shoes she had up for grabs. Can always use more boyfiend shoes, and I have plenty of spray paint to make ‘em unique. I like trading – it’s like getting rewarded for cleaning out the cluttery stuff !

Made little drawstring treat bags for Dearest Son and the girls next door. I’d reserved one of each candy we had in our trick-or-treat bowl, plus some of the MH favors from that pack I got the doll-size Decomposition Books in, and it just didn’t look cool in a plastic sandwich baggie. So I made bags from the black broadcloth I had sitting around, and added ribbons in their favorite colors. Much better. Don’t know of a kid anywhere who can’t use a neat bag for small treasures. Sandwich bags, not so much.

Unfortunately, that’s the only sewing I got done today. Due to the holiday, Dearest’s schedule with his grandparents was shifted to tonight, so they could take him trick-or-treating in their neighborhood. Between showers, getting him ready, and getting the trades in the mail, not to mention the bags, there just wasn’t time. Maybe tomorrow, after family therapy, I can squeeze at least getting it started in !

Once I had the swap dress in the mail, I kinda copped out and opened the Ghouls Rule DracuLaura dress I got in exchange. I can probably remove the half-overskirt, but the sleeves will have to stay. May shorten them, but honestly, I haven’t even put it on a doll yet. It’s a lovely dress, though. I also got my Coffin Bean sofa and chair in the mail today, but it was locked up in the office for the day by the time I checked. Gotta go tomorrow, anyway – rent day !

If you’re wondering why I haven’t commented on the recent sale of Lucasfillm to Disney, it’s because I’m kind of still in shock. I mean, I knew ole George said he wasn’t doing any more Star Wars films, but for sure I wasn’t expecting Disney to ! Guess I handed in my fangirl card at about the right time, for once.

Well, time to go pick up Dearest Son. Hope your hauntings were fun today ! 

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