Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I sometimes wonder if anyone has a collection of 'I Voted' stickers...

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Our county printed its own ‘I Voted’ stickers, which was a surprise. Sorry I smeared out the county name, I have privacy issues. Getting up at 5:30am just didn’t happen – well, I got up, reset the alarm for 6, and spent the next hour waking Beloved Hubby up. By that time, it was a bit late to be there early, and Dearest Son was more reluctant to rise ‘n shine than his father was. At least we got out the door in time for the drawing class at the Library.

Too bad we were the only ones there. (sigh) Ah, well. We played around in the room we reserved for a while, I picked up the book they had on hold (Make Love ! The Bruce Campbell Way) and snagged a few freebie newspapers. From there, we voted, but it was a bit of a challenge – limited parking and few enclosed booths. There was a queue, but not a long one - the election officials and volunteers kept things moving. Once I got my ballot, I sat at an open table opposite the growing-longer line to sign in, and prepared to fill in rectangles, but I noticed too many people watching me. So I waited for a booth. Told ya I had privacy issues.

Once home, I decided to try shortening the sleeves on the NG Creations’ T-shirt, but I wanted to get a scan of the narrowed sleeve version first. So I got that done, and  took ‘em up a bit…then decided to add a collar. That, I’d have to draft m’self. Not hard, when you’ve sewn similar stuff for Barbie and co. Too bad I didn’t remember it very well, because I drew and cut out the collar piece with no opening to turn it right-side out once it was sewn. Ah, well, I cut the fold part, and attached it…and I’d drafted it too long. I had to fold and play with it to get it to work, but it did. It’s also grossly uneven at the points, which is a sewing problem – turning something that tiny without wads at the points is always a challenge. I cut the seam allowances pretty close, too.

But…even with the failures, it’s wearable. Doesn’t look too bad on my Slo-Moe stand-in gargoyle CAM, actually. Not the best I’ve ever sewn, but it’s not a total fail either, and the next one should be better. I’ve already widened and shortened the collar draft, and changed the fold to the opposite side. That, and some experience should make a difference. To tell the truth, I’m kinda proud of m’self !

Since I’ll probably be up late waiting for election returns, I’m probably gonna try adding a cargo pocket – real or faux – to the jeans pattern tonight. I’d try the shirt again, but I wanna give my eyes a bit of a rest. I’ll post a photo of it tomorrow, promise !

For now, though, we’re waiting for my from-scratch cornbread to finish baking before we sit down to chili. I’ve only made cornbread from Jiffy box mixes before, so using my Dollar Tree cornmeal and flour is new to me. Hope it tastes good – we’re all very hungry ! 

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