Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Rant !

Current Mood : Stuffed !

Kind of a challenging day. In the interest of using up what’s in the freezer, I scheduled a fish fry for dinner. While my tilapia lunch experiments had gone well, despite my best intentions, we never managed to do fish for supper. Well, first time for everything ! It was a bit frantic, but it all came out well, and my guys ate heartily. Which is great, because we have a whole bag of frozen flounder to munch on !

Hard to believe tomorrow’s Thanksgiving. We’re having a big (for us) meal, but it’s nothing wildly special. Since we home-cook most meals, it’s kinda more of the same for us. I can’t wait until we can go back to the ‘restaurant once a week’ meal plan !

Kinda ticks me off when I get an e-mailed ‘Black Friday’ ad from Dollar Tree. Not that I mind DTree ads, it’s just…what ? This is the same stuff ya’ll had in stock last week ! Including the silly solar Dancing Non-Copyrightables. And it’s all always the same price. What’d be really funny is if they had a half-off all stock sale for two hours. Place’d be mobbed worse than Mal-Wart ! Guess it goes without saying I was a ‘Buy Nothing’ kinda girl long before we were broke, huh ?

Finally got the Halloween project started – and that’s about where it ended. I got it about one-third sewn together when I realized it wouldn’t work, and was much too large and ill-sized to work even with alterations. Kinda glad I wasn’t obsessing over that for two months, I had too much else going on. Plus, I really needed some successes for my psyche, not failures and fussing. So I’m happy it worked out the way it did. Not sure if I’ll try again, but who knows ?

I also gave Dearest Son his first sewing lesson today. He’s been interested in learning, so we made it happen. Super-basic stuff today – threading a large-eye needle, knotting the ends, sewing a running stitch and trying to keep them straight, small, and even. He practiced for a half-hour before he got a bit bored, but he did very well for a newbie ! I gave him a bunch of small thread spools and a spare tomato pincushion for his needle, and told him he could dig in the scrap box when he wanted practice fabric, or could ask me for a specific piece from my stash, anytime. The tomato was studded fulla pins when I got it in a yard sale lot of sewing goodies, so I pulled ‘em all out. Some were rusty, many more were bent, but I saved the good ones. At the rate Dearest’s going, we’ll need ‘em for his stash soon !


  1. A BF ad from the Dollar Tree???? o_O Really?!? Wow I think I'd have laughed when I opened that one!

  2. I've seen lots of stores with this strategy..if we put BF in bold print they won't realize this is the actual price. Or the other strategy awesome sale (Family Dollar) but only select locations o_O really

    I'm saving some $$ this year now I'm off to play :O)