Friday, November 2, 2012

It'll be a while before I make another one of these blasted things !

Current Mood : Drained.

Today was one of those days. Most of it was nice, some of it was really good, several hours were total crap. Dearest Son has recently turned to the Pony Side, and is now a Brony like his folks. In fact, he used his allowance to buy the whole set of My Little Pony figurines / keychains from this year’s McD’s kids’ meals. They came in today, and I re-used the ramen box to make them a stable, with eight Dutch doors. He decorated it with cutie marks, and it’s over by the ‘school’ with his MH and Barbie dolls.

He already had a Twilight Sparkle – and so did I – so he gave his duplicate to Beloved Hubby. Hid it behind his favorite Pinkie Pie on the desk, and waited. Beloved found it right off, and we watched a couple episodes on Netflix with dinner. It was nice.

Reason the ramen box was empty is that the soft-sided box is *finally* done. That was the worst and best part of the day. I started in fairly early, and thought it was going well, but when I went to put some pieces together, they were waaaay off. Like half an inch off. I tried to make it work anyway, but you can imagine how well that went. So I was frustrated and holding it in because the door was open – we don’t have air conditioning anymore, just heat, and it was 80 degrees at noon – the kids were around, and I feel like I can’t be upset anymore, because Dearest either takes it personally or gets upset himself.

So, I was soon in a towering crappy mood, and when Beloved asked what was wrong while Dearest was safely out of earshot, I told him. At length and with all of me, I let it out. Then I waited. Waited for some consoling words, or even just a ‘there, there’, and after five minutes of silence, I would have taken a ‘grow up already’, just to hear something… but as it turned out, he never heard me. Less than ten feet away, after he asked, he didn’t hear a word I said.

Now I was truly upset, and not a bit of the situation had changed. So I took the pieces of my messed-up trapezoid – I hadn’t gotten far enough along to call it a box yet – and retreated to the bedroom with a box of tissues and a seam ripper, until I could be fit company again. Reduced the thing to component elements, drank about a quart of ice water and got my bearings, and went out to try again. After we talked, Beloved kept the kids busy, so I had a nice quiet space to sew in. And for whatever reason, the box worked this time. I didn’t do anything differently, and didn’t even re-measure anything like I meant to, and there’s about five mistakes and places I had to touch up with a Sharpie, but the accessories fit and it’s done. Alleluia !  I can now dig for doll shoes without shifting half a dozen snack-size baggies around. Life is good.

Not sure what I’m gonna do tomorrow. I may just sleep ! 

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